All About Us

A mystery in this day and age, to put it mildly, is the website A mysterious presence in the world of internet gaming who has their hands in more activities than you could possibly imagine. He’s definitely got some firepower, but who the hell is he? Or, to put it another way, is it really possible for him to exist?

He does…

His birth name is Keith, by the way. I’m sorry if that was just a tad bit less interesting than you had hoped it would be!

How exactly did this modest person from the Northeast get to the point where he is an all-seeing, all-knowing authority on web casinos? It’s not that hard… He had finally had enough of being led on and played like fools.

The Reasons Why We’re the Best

What sets apart from the great majority of other casino review sites is the fact that we are not in any way related or linked with any brand, business, or gaming service anywhere in the world…not even a single one of them. This is what makes us completely unique. This, in turn, means that we are not scared to tell the truth about each and every aspect of each and every casino that is now operating – the honest reality is that we don’t really care whether we irritate other people!

Because of this, you will notice that throughout the entirety of our bank of reviews, we never once attempt to claim that any online casino is excellent in every way. In all honesty, there is no such thing, and there never has been and probably never will be again. Are we being overly picky? Do we examine everything down to the minutest of details? You bet we do — it is much better for us to find out and report back on lapses in service supply rather than leaving you all to find out personally if there have been any.

We’re Listening!

In reference to you, nothing is more important to us than your personal comments regarding experiences that you have had with each and every casino that is available. We combine our own findings with the feedback and opinions of actual casino players in order to guarantee that if there is a widespread opinion regarding a particular casino, it will be brought to your attention by our team.

And naturally, we are always glad to be informed about any new or up and coming casinos that might have caught your eye. We are always listening, so feel free to come to Papa with your feedback on this matter.