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The Root of the Righteous
~A. W. Tozer
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Product Information

Media: Paperback
ISBN/ASIN : 1600660177
Manufacturer : WingSpread Publishers
Release data : 28 August, 2007

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    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    An Island of Truth in a Sea of Schlock Christianity

    This book is classic Tozer, and one of his best!

    As a very orthodox in worship Presbyterian, I particularly like the way Tozer comments on how "The Great God Entertainment" has infiltrated our churches and has taken hold on "the retarded saints of today". Yet this book was written in 1955!

    Tozer is an island of Truth in today's wishy-washy sea of dumbed down, "smiley face" Modern Evangelicalism and the Church Growth Movement. It's too bad American Protestantism hasn't heeded Tozer's warning.

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    The Best Collection of Tozer Editorials Available

    It's a shame that this book does not have more information provided by Amazon. I have read some thirty of Tozer's books and The Root of the Righteous is far and above the best of his editorial writings. While certain other collections better focus on a particular subject, for sheer passion, power and insight this book is unsurpassed. There was a time when I even considered it Tozer's best work (even ahead of The Pursuit of God)! I would highly recommend it to anyone--particularly if you are a fan of Tozer's writing because of its force and intensity.

    The Root of the Righteous is 185 pages long, including 46 editorials and a preface by A.W. Tozer.

    Sampling of Chapter Titles:
    1. The Root of the Righteous
    2. We Must Give Time to God
    4. Listen to the Man Who Listens to God
    5. We Must Hear Worthily
    9. Bible Taught or Spirit Taught?
    11. No Regeneration Without Reformation
    16. Christ Is the Pattern
    20. We Stand in Christ's Triumph
    27. The Presence More Important than the Program
    29. The Hunger of the Wilderness

    From the Back Cover:
    "No man has any right to offer advice who has not first heard God speak. No man has any right to counsel others who is not ready to hear and follow the sound counsel of the Lord." (From Chapter 4)

    "The idea that God will pardon a rebel who has not given up his rebellion is contrary both to the Scriptures and to common sense. How horrible to contemplate a church full of persons who have been pardoned but who still love sin and hate the ways of righteousness." (From Chapter 11)

    "To pray effectively it is required of us that there be no unblessed areas in our lives, no parts of the mind or soul that are not inhabited by the Spirit, no impure desires allowed to live within us, no disparity between our prayers and our conduct." (From Chapter 24)

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Another Treasury of Tozer Teachings

    Tozer speaks the truth of God plainly, simply, and powerfully. This book is a delight of bite-sized teachings by the master.
    Tozer's deep love for God saturates each sentence. "[God] is all love, and those who trust Him need never know anything but that love." and "[God] is not hard to please, though He may be hard to satisfy."

    But Tozer is no softy...he challenges, exhorts, and convicts skillfully using the sword of the Spirit. "Many a solo is sung to show off; many a sermon is preached as an exhibition of talent; many a church is founded as a slap at ome other church." and "Lacking love, prophets, teachers, orators, philanthropists and martyrs are sent away without reward."

    Thanks, Tozer. I needed all the observations that you have leanred and written.

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