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Many Infallible Proofs: Evidences for the Christian Faith
~Henry Madison Morris
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Product Information

Media: Paperback
ISBN/ASIN : 0890510059
Manufacturer : Master Books
Release data : August, 1974

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    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    "MOST COMPREHENSIVE" !!

    29 years after it original release this work is still at the "TOP" among "CHRISTIAN EVIDENCE" works, primarily because of it comprehensiveness. It's only short coming, as a prior reviewer mentions, more documentation could have been used (in some cases) in the chapter on fulfilled prophecy. However even here more than enough evidence (at least 7 Historic Prophecys, plus the Messianics) are presented to prove the Authors point. "Mazzaroth" or the constellations (in the Bk of Job), the "GOSPEL IN THE STARS" which is primoral revelation was handled well. It's almost impossible to find someone who knows & "Understands" this Primative truth who doesn't accept it !
    Also exceptional in the field of Apologetics "EVIDENCE THAT DEMANDS A VERDICT" and Grant Jeffrey's "SIGNATURE OF GOD"... here the advanced medical information presented is "Astonishing". Jeffrey's is excellent for "Apologetics", but should be avoided in "Eschatology"......

    1 star1 star1 star1 starNo star    Great reference leading to deeper study.

    Mr. Morris has jump started me many times with this wonderfully referenced work. It's a great book to return to when seeking fact based information on the infallibilty of the Bible. It covers many areas such as prophecy and fulfillment including examples and statistical data, history, astronomy, geology and many other topics. It also contains some good data that clashes with mainline evolution. It clearly is not intended to be in-depth on each topic but is an easy read with an index and references for deeper study in many of the topics.

    Other books that deliver mounds of factual evidence showing the absurdity of standard evolutionary beliefs include In Six Days, written by 50 well-accredited scientists (many who are reknowned), Starlight and Time, Search for the Truth, In the Beginning, and Darwin's Black Box.

    1 starNo starNo starNo starNo star    Many Fallible Errors

    This is unfortunately one of the worst apologetics books on the market. I loose more respect for Morris with each publication like this I come across! What is wrong with this book? ALOT. I can't expose every single error in his reasoning but I can highlight several errors just to drive my point home. Where do we start? Well, let's start with the slightly bad and save the worst for last.

    The first blunder is on the reliability of the Old Testament. Morris uses the biblographical test to support the OT's reliability. Okay..nothing wrong with that. But Morris also uses a appeal to authority. One of the authorities? Christ himself! Question-begging, unfortunately, and constructing a circular argument! It only goes downhill from here. Morris has a chapter on biblical prophecy. He goes on to list the course of empires and other civilizations that were subject to biblical prophecy. But Morris doesn't describe in exact details how these prophcies were fulfilled. Morris doesn't give the dating of the prophecies, the dates and places of the fulfillments! How are critical/skeptical readers interested in Christianity suppose to verify the fulfillments!?

    Morris also blows it when it comes supposed scientific case for creation. He doesn't try to explain away the traditional case for evolution ( homology, vestigial organs, nested heirachy, fossil record) but instead relies on a bogus argument about the alleged law of biogenesis( kind begats kind that was supposedly demonstrated by Louis Pastuer). He also argues that mutations are extremely rare and harmful and also another argument about the interconnected-ness of genes and characters and implies that mutations cannot cause evolution without some form of saltational change through the whole genome of the organism!

    The worst chapter was on the "Fact of God". Here Morris employs a "First Cause" argument that originated with Aristotle and popularized by Thomas Aquanis. Morris argues that the first cause of life must be living and the first cause of love must be loving, etc. There are MANY flaws in this argument. Morris assumes that there is a direct causation (and not a chain of causation).Example: the first cause of life must be living. To argue this is begging the question that there was a first cause for life to begin with and not a chain of causation like a series of chemical reactions to form the first life form over time such as a cell.

    Morris also assumes that each effect has the nature of the first cause ( first cause of love must be living) but what if we consider the first cause of the opposites? Is the First Cause of life also the first Cause of death? Does this mean that the First Cause is both living and dead? Is the First Cause of love also the first cause of hate? Why not? Morris also seems to assume that all these first causes are the same identitical identity. But why conclude that? Why do we have to conclude monotheism and not multiple first Causes? And what about the First Cause of unlimited space? How can we infer omnipresence from this? ( Not to mention that it begs the question that space is infinite..especially when we lack a quantum theory of gravity.)

    This is just a tip of the iceberg in terms of faulty logic and questionable conclusions. In short, I think the EPA should sue Morris for wasting so much paper in the form of books like this! I would not recommend this book even as to help hold a coffee table up!

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