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Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview
~J. P. Moreland , William Lane Craig
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Product Information

Media: Hardcover
ISBN/ASIN : 0830826947
Manufacturer : InterVarsity Press
Release data : April, 2003

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    1 star1 star1 star1 starNo star    A necessary read for the Truth-seeking Christian

    I recommend every Christian read this book...especially young, college bound Christians. It will help solidify your faith and prepare you for the liberal bias of academic life.

    Philosophy is a wonderful and rich subject. No Christian should shy away from its beauty, nor be afraid of it. In this book, Dr. Moreland survey's many wonderful philosophical components such as: Argumentation, Logic, Knowledge, Rationality, Metaphysics...the list goes on. I cannot think of a better foundational body of work than this to stimulate Christian intellectual growth. It encourages you to study deeper, think for yourself, not be afraid of "Philosophy or Logic": as formerly taught by many mainline Church even blows away the myth that Christianity is for the weak-minded fool who has been brainwashed and cannot reason for him/herself. Perhaps a better title for this book would be, "The Independence Day of the Christian Mind: Believers are Deep Thinkers Too!"

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Very very good

    Just finished this book a couple of days ago. It is really an absolutely amazing read. Here are my comments:

    1 - As others have said, it's not particularly easy to read; however, I don't think anyone should be intimidated by it. It's well done and clearly written. I don't think a background in philosophy is needed at all. What's needed is patience and a real desire to understand this material.

    2 - You can't skip any sections of the book. The earlier sections, including Chapter Two about Logic, are referred to repeatedly through the rest of the text. So, be patient and be sure to understand what you read right from the beginning.

    3 - The chapters on Ethics, The Existence of God, and Science, really stand out as brilliant essays. This is some of the best thinking I've ever read, from a Christian perspective, on these subjects.

    Finally - Let me suggest that Reasonable Faith, by William Lane Craig, is much easier to digest, and much shorter. If you're scared of this, the larger, book I'd suggest reading that one. However, again, my honest opinion is that this, the more difficult book, is much better and completely worth the effort. Also, just about every concept covered in Reasonable Faith is also covered here and in much more depth.

    1 star1 star1 star1 starNo star    Use this book as a reference, but do buy it

    This fine book by JP Moreland gets 4 stars simply because it is, paradoxically, a bit too excellent. Every topic is plumbed to a depth that all but the most serious student would find taxing. This is especially true in the sections on ethics and logic. For this reason, it is best thought of as a reference book or a text for a course of fairly rigorous study. I would not describe this book as "introductory" although it is possible for the uninitiated to read (albeit slowly).

    The topics are well organized, and there is a wealth of relevant quotations from primary sources. Important terms are defined, and chapters are recapped at the end. The layout is inviting, and it is easy to skim through and find specific information that you want to know. The writing style is very readable, which is not often the case in philosophy texts. Arguments are strong and well-supported, as one might expect.

    This is an important book, and may even be the definitive text on the subject. It should be required study for clergy and anyone who claims to be a Christian intellectual. It is not "armchair reading", although I did read it in my recliner. I think I would have been very intimidated if I had approached this book with zero background in the subject, even though I have multiple letters after my name. I would love to see a condensed version that would be a bit more accessable to students and the general Christian reader.

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