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The Christian Theology Reader
~Alister E. McGrath
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Product Information

Media: Paperback
ISBN/ASIN : 063120637X
Manufacturer : Blackwell Publishers
Release data : January, 2001

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    1 star1 star1 star1 starNo star    Recovering Patristic Memory& Keeping up with postmodernity

    An Orthodox' Testemonial:
    I used this companion book for the last few years, with great satisfaction. A good compendium, with an accessible roaster of carefully selected writings from the early Church Fathers to the contemporary theological acadimia, that exposes the full spectrum of Christian theological thought, from east to west. The book is synchronized with its topically systematized pluralistic coverage of the development of Christian theology. Even if intended as a text book, it is a good ecumenical introduction to theology as was meant by Origen and enriched by the dialogue between the two eastern schools and their allies.

    Concise But Thorough!
    This companion book is very handy for browser as much as theological students, encouraging a wider view on theological space and time, starting from a united Church and ending with a diversified varieties of dogma that treats the Church main doctrines (teachings). McGrath was very successful to develop this trend of comparative theology for better understanding and more sound belief. He is bold enough to include feminists, liberals, with Catholics, reformers, and eastern Church (Orthodox) Protestants, were represented in all capacities; theologians, philosophers, apologists, dogmatists etc.

    Systematic Methodology:
    The range of the spectrum of theological topics reflect his systematic treatment in part III: Christian Theology, of its introductory companion. The reader is still dependent on Part I on themes and Personalities, and & II on Sources and method, an integral part of this companion.
    The book does not overlook its main function as a text moderating, but also guiding and exposing so it included a helpful directory entitled "Details of Theologians" which gives a concise description on the contributing theologians. An effectively condensed guide to creeds& councils, which precedes a thorough glossary of used theological, philosophical and dogmatic terms. Suggestions for Further Reading, covers in elaboration topically categorized selection, with the relevant reference on each chapter to develop the subjects more elaborately.

    A Research Author:
    Alister McGrath, a rising star in neo Evangelicals of the via media, is a thoughtful and well informed profuse author of more than sixty books. He introduced many subjects to his students and kept lay readers abreast of new developments in theology exploring from doctrinal issues to Christian Spirituality, probing scientific theology, future of Christianity and renewal of Evangelism

    1 star1 star1 star1 starNo star    Good Compilation of Sections of Theological Writings

    This book is a compilation of theological writings from the early Church Fathers to the Modern 20th century. The book is systematized into topical categories such as "The Nature of God," or "Last Things," etc.

    Each section contains a series of writings which range from early to more recent. However, prior to each segment of writings, McGrath writes a small introduction describing the work, the author, the setting, etc. For instance, from the section titled "The Doctrine of God," there is a section of work by Augustine regarding the Trinity (i.e. "Augustine on the Trinity.") Prior to this excerpt from Augustine is an introduction by McGrath which describes why Augustine wrote, whether Augustine was responding to some current or previous heresy, the date Augustine wrote the material, etc. In fact, the introduction is actually very helpful to the piece that is about to be read.

    The book also contains a nice glossary of theological terms, a section titled "Details of Theologians" which gives a brief description about all the theologians/philosophers who are present in the book, details of creedal material, and a nice section called "Suggestions for Further Reading."

    This book is very helpful for those who want to get a general or broad overview of the various writings which were written throughout church history. McGrath includes works by feminists, liberals, neo-theists, reformers, Catholics, Protestants, philosophers, apologists, etc. Thus, no one view is highlighted or emphasized. I would recommend this book to those interested in reading historical theological writings.

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Indispensable companion to Christian Theology

    Alister McGrath's collections of readings are excellent reference works for anyone wishing a comprehensive, genuinely pluralistic study of the development of Christian theology. Particularly because many Christians have a limited scope, based entirely on one "school" or tradition, this book, and its highly readable companion volume, is enriching and enlightening. Since the books do not presume a knowledge of the various writers (as would many theology texts), but present a continuous historical perspective, either the student of religious studies, the historian, or one merely seeking to enrich his understanding of Christianity will find these texts "fill in the blanks" of the great richness in Christian thought throughout two millennia.

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