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Cracking The Da Vinci Code
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Product Information

Media: DVD
Manufacturer : Odeon Entertainment
Release data : 02 May, 2005

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  • DVD - Categories - Television & Documentary - Religious

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    1 starNo starNo starNo starNo star    Six-form college project level work

    Amongst the many points of reference for the "facts behin Da Vinci Code" genre, this has to be by far the poorest. It is basically divided between face-to-face bits with the charisma-lacking narrator Simon Cox, during which he nods and postulates (in fact does everything but educate), and location-shots with an unknown American narrator who can't even pronounce the place names.

    The location shots are, at times, interesting, but only very rarely do they reveal anything that is useful in the context to determining the truth behind Dan Browns "facts".

    The mandatory (and very lengthy) interviews with Lynn Picknett are entertaining, but once again you don't really LEARN anything. At best, all that is demonstrated is that Da Vinci had a disdain for the Catholic church, and even the evidence for that rests on considerable speculation.

    The Priory of Sion is almost bypassed completely, with Cox conceding "the jury is still out on that one" (in spite of all the solid proof that exists that it was a French hoax).

    About 20 minutes is spent in Rosslyn Chapel, commenting on the architecture and the scenery, with atmospheric music, but no actual relevant facts are presented.

    On the whole, the DVD is extremely boring and devoid of any solid factual evidence in EITHER direction. Extremely dissappointing. For a good, concise review of the facts behind the Da Vinci Code, read "The Truth Behind the Da Vinci Code" by Richard Abanes.

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