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Battlestar Galactica: Season 1
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List price: £49.99
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Average customer rating: 4.83 out of 5
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Product Information

Media: DVD
Manufacturer : Universal Pictures Video
Release data : 28 March, 2005

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    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    This isn't your older brother's Battlestar Galactica.

    Like many other people in the UK I saw the original BG on TV in the early 1980's and I had the impression that it was long running. Actually it was one series and then another abortive mess of a series when the network realised what they'd lost by cancelling it. Up until I saw this new version of BG I was pretty sad there was so little of the original. Now I have to say that if the original had been allowed to have 4 or 5 seasons then we'd never have had this - a much superior product.
    TV Series are a product of their time. In the original series it was very much brave (Americans) numerically inferior heroes v's a monolithic (Soviet) dictatorship out to destroy them and unable to live in peace. In this new version it's still the remnants of the colonies v's the Cylons but it brings overtones of the current world into it and rather well at that.
    We have Cylons who can appear to be human (read the terrorist who lives next door in your nightmares) and who seem (in their own opinion) to be doing god's will. No prizes for spotting what the writers are getting at here but don't think that this is some cliche of evil fundamentalist terrorists v's America - its much better written than that. Whilst the colonies are very clearly America (military designations, governmental structures etc) it's fascinating that the Colonies retain their polytheism (worshipping gods plural) whilst the Cylons are monotheistic and believe that their cause is driven by god. Aside from the terrorist overtones it could equally be interpretted that the producers were having a dig at America Christian fundamentalism at the same time as well as the loss of rights that Americans and other people in the 'free world' are suffering because of the 'terrorist threat.' It very clearly asks the question 'What are you fighting for? Your rights? Your way of life? Or just your security.'
    I shouldn't overstate the religious and real world aspects of this - its just a product of its times. The story behind the show is first class with only certain, critical events rehashed from the original series. Characters race and gender type has been mixed up and the show doesn't suffer at all for it once you get over the shock of Starbuck and Boomer being women. Casting is first rate across the board and improved by the quality of recurring guest stars. CGI is well and carefully used. One suspects budget is the reason behind not overusing it, but this isn't a problem for me. It's a show driven by characters and character arcs, not CGI battles. That said these Cylons are Cylons you can be afraid of and are truly a threat - all the more because they have complex motives, as do the humans. If the show has a flaw its that its tough to dip into, you need to see the entire run in order which might go against it when it comes to future renewals but S2 has already been approved. My biggest fear is that the plot will not be allowed to play out by the network, but that is a fear because it is so tantalising already. If it means anything to anyone then the show has to admit to owing a debt of gratitude to the aborted 'Space Above and Beyond' but that is no bad thing either. I just hope it's given more of a chance than that show. You should definitely give this show a real chance and this DVD is the best way to do that now - just don't compare it to the old BG. This is actually better once you get past the changes that have been made.

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Superior sci-fi

    I don't have Sky and was lucky enough to see the pilot episodes
    at a friend's place. I was hooked in the first ten minutes. This show has well defined characters and a fabulous cast. James Edward Olmos is superb as Commander Adama. Turning Starbuck into a woman was a stroke of genius as this adds new tensions into the storyline.
    The Cylons have evolved and now have "human" cylon agents who are able to infiltrate the human race and cause distrust. Yet there are still mechanical cylons as well, rendered via CGI. The space battle scenes are great if a little short on occasion ( budget limits? ) and there is a sense of realism to the ships and weaponry.

    If I have one tiny niggle it's with the costumes which are a little too Earth like with civilian characters often just walking around in business suits. But you can forgive this as the storylines and characters are so good, watch for Dr. Baltar especially as swings between madness, womaninising and genius all while talking to a female cylon who's managed to get inside his mind and can't be seen by others.

    This is way beyond the original series with a much more "adult" feel to it.

    I won't say anymore as I may give all the twists and plots away.
    Buy this. You won't be disappointed. Just remember to get the pilot first if you haven't seen it. Unfortunately on a separate disc .

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Galactica ..... execute 2nd season

    The world of Battlestar Galactica has carried on far beyond the limits of the original series. The miniseries was an excellent long awaited revival of the much loved universe and is the introduction to this series box set. Bold changes in cast for example Boomer and Starbuck being women and as well as remodelling of cylon, viper and the Galactica itself were necessary and very well done. The series continues it's documentary style action viewpoint which makes for riveting episodes and makes your heart pound at every moment. You really do get pulled into the story in every episode as each provides a strong story line as well as a weave of interesting side plots. I didn't like the episode with Tie finding his wife though as I thought it was a bit silly. But for most who liked the documentary style BSG miniseries movie will, at the very least, want to watch these series too, if not own them. Longstanding guest appearance from Richard Hatch (the original Apollo) whose character is developed. Due to the success of the movie and first series, the new BSG have been given a green light for a second series with 20 new episodes which are due to air this summer on sky. All in all a must see if not a must own for all who thoroughly enjoyed the miniseries pilot.

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