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Bump 'n' Grind
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Average customer rating: 4.67 out of 5
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Product Information

Media: Audio CD
Manufacturer : Thunderwing
Release data : 25 October, 2004

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    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Insight to a genius

    Bump 'n' grind may have been out for a few years but it slipped me by until recently - It's a superb album for T.REX fans and with extra bits and extentions to the original recordings a real insight into the genius - I loved just about all of it but particularly "The Groover" "Light of Love" and "Soul of my suit" which is not the original but shows Marcs thought process as he introduces the track clearly stating what he wants from the other musicians - great :-)

    1 star1 star1 star1 starNo star    Bolan with Extra Raunch

    Bump 'n Grind, originally released only in Japan in April, 2000, came about when a group of Marc Bolan enthusiasts (now operating as Thunderwing Productions) secured a collection of T-Rex studio recordings at auction. Despite the sometimes poor condition of some of the tapes, the music recorded on them turns out to be of very fine quality indeed.

    The music of Marc Bolan and T-Rex, for the most part, has aged very well indeed. None of this music sounds like it was recorded 30 or more years ago, either in sound quality or content.

    The songs on Bump 'n Grind were recorded between late 1971 and mid-1976, and are a variety of master and working versions, mainly of T-Rex singles and B-sides. The only songs on Bump 'n Grind which did not appear on T-Rex singles are Christmas Bop, which was intended as a single in late 1975 and was for unknown reasons withdrawn, and Dishing Fish Wop, a funky ditty which appeared on the Bolan's Zip Gun LP of early 1975 under the name of Golden Belt (and to my ears that on Bump 'n Grind is the superior version). Some of T-Rex's most famous hits are represented here, including Telegram Sam, The Groover, 20th Century Boy and the mammoth 12 minute jam of Children of the Revolution, in which the falsetto vocals of former Turtles and Mothers of Invention Flo and Eddie can be clearly heard.

    The music on this CD is of remarkably high quality, especially considering the problems Thunderwing had restoring some of the tapes.

    A few of the songs continue well after the fade outs from the officially released versions. A few others are titled differently than the official releases.

    I love the version of Thunderwing presented here. It is clearly very close to the version released as the B side of Metal Guru (in the UK that is- Australia didn't get Thunderwing until the Great Hits compilation), but the superb tenor saxophone (credited to one Howie Casey, of Howie Casey and the Seniors, and later Wings fame) is much more prominent in the mix, giving this song a rather different, swinging feel. It was always one of the band's very strongest B sides, and it defies belief that Thunderwing was a B side and then within 18 months the appalling Truck On (Tyke) was released as an A side. Thunderwing (recorded Nov 1971) is 33 years old but sounds like it might have been recorded last week.

    The extended versions of 20th Century Boy (Howie Casey on sax again but nowhere near as prominent in this song) and The Groover feature guitar leads in the additional track length that demonstrate that Bolan as a guitarist was rather unfairly maligned during his lifetime.

    A frantic and raunchy Fast Blues (Easy Action) is quite different from the eventual Solid Gold Easy Action. It features a much rawer sound, some inspired guitar and a frenzied Bolan vocal. The rhythm of the track resembles the final result but the lyrics are different. In this he don't want no Easy Action, all he wants is satisfaction. This track, recorded in 1972, shows that Bolan later claiming to be the Godfather of Punk was no idle boast.

    Telegram Sam is much raunchier as well, almost an R & B treatment, the glossy production stripped away. The classic line of "Me I funk but I don't care" is slightly different here, I'll leave that to the imagination of the reader.

    Laser Love, chronologically the latest recording here, recorded in July 1976, is almost identical to the single, except the Marc Bolan/Gloria Jones chorus is completely missing. In fact the voice of Gloria Jones can hardly be heard anywhere on Bump 'n Grind. To many of the Bolanisi this will be no bad thing. Gloria may have bore Bolan's only child but her vocal presence on T-Rex's work from 1974 to 1976 is quite often overpowering. I'm not sure whether she's been severely toned down by Thunderwing or if they just had the good fortune to acquire a bunch of material sans-Jones or very nearly so. She can certainly be heard on Dishing Fish Wop but greatly toned down from the Zip Gun version.

    Still on Laser Love, this song bombed quite badly when released in late '76 but it's hard to understand why. It sounds about 5 years ahead of its time, not unlike some of the British New Wave bands of the early 80's. It is easy to see how Bolan was a major influence on this movement, with his concise song structures and tight musicianship. It sounds great with the chorus vocals missing after you get used to it, but a bit funny at first. Certainly an unrecognised Bolan classic.

    Children of the Revolution is indicated on the liner noes as a Jam/Working version, but it seems to me that the band were learning the song at the time. Perhaps this was a recorded trial run of the song's live performance. Once again, the guitar of Bolan is the highlight here.

    All in all, Bump 'n Grind is a must have for any fan of T-Rex or anyone interested in British 70's rock. A surprise may await some listeners, as it doesn't all sound like the released singles, many of them are much raunchier.

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Bolan rocks out!!!

    This album rocks! No irony meant - it truly rocks. Familiar track selection? Not at all - this is the rootsy heart of the tracks the hardcore fan - and just about anybody alive in the 70s - remembers.

    Used to be a Japanese import, only available on mail order. Sold out before I could get my copy. Now, thankfully, it's on general release. Essential purchase for rock fans, music fans, Bolan fans - remember, "keep a little Marc in your hearts!"

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