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Best Sellers: Homeworld 2 (PC)
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List price: £9.99
Our price: £5.97
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Average customer rating: 5 out of 5
1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star
Sales rank: 165

Product Information

Media: Video Game
Manufacturer : VU Games
Release data : 10 September, 2004

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  • A selection of product reviews

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    MUST GET THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I borrowed this game off my mate and now I am buying it for myself. I don't normally play spaced aged games but this you have to get though, the graphics are excellent you can have big space battles you start with a flagship in space and you have mine resource units for asteroids and you build your space armada from these resource units. There are weapons likes lasers and bombs and guns etc. Basically space aged guns that are in the future ut is quite easy to get grips with, the environment is excellent and graphcallt good as well. YOU MUST GET THIS GAME, YOU WON'T REGRET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    A masterpiece in strategy

    As with the previous reviews I loved this game. The graphics are stunning (especially on 1600x1200).

    It has a much better interface than homeworld, with all the control at easy access.

    Unlike homeworld the missions are more action packed, and you dont get much time to balance and rebuild your fleet (like in homeworld) once the mission is complete all resources are automatically collected and you hyperspace out to the next mission.

    Missions are tricky with them starting immediately in hostile situations on a number of missions. However they can be completed using thought and tactics. Especially using the correct ship for the job. There has been a couple of missions where I've had to replace all my interceptors with bombers to get the job done.

    Overall this game is a stunner, its taken me 2 months to complete, and once you've completed all 15 missions its actually satisfying as you really need to work for it.

    5 stars from me.

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Real Time Strategy, In Space

    This game is the best. Simple. I have not played the first two incarnations in the Homeworld series, but I can say that this installment has to be the most gorgeous looking, and unbelievably satisfying tactical and strategic gaming experiance there is. Ill start with the graphics, which truly are special. The units are richly detailed no matter if you are looking at your Mothership from the furthest zoom distance or an individual fighter craft from close in. Ships leave ion trails as they fly, and firefights between opposing fleets are the reason powerful PC's get sold. The backgrounds are various locations in space, from vast empty expanses to murky and dense gas clouds. The game is viewed in full 3-D, movement and combat is in true 3 Dimensions and the camera control is similar to games like Black and White, or Eve Online.
    Now im a gamer who plays games for the experiance, and Homeworld 2 has to be the best RTS, or Tactical/Strategy game in general. The game reminds me of Command and Conquer in the way you move units from position to position, plan attacks, and occasionally have to 'research' or build certain non-combat units to get better units. Where the gameplay is different is in the fact that the games designers give you units to use and a place to fight, and a tactical and strategic war like no other game gets fought. There are several distinct ship classes, and in those classes you get a few, 1 or 2, variations of ship you can build. Knowing what these units do intimatly and being able to plan and strategise constantly while watching your opponent, and managing yourself, is the key to this game.
    I thought the single player experiance in the 'story' mode to be rather weak. Nice graphics, and nice missions to ease you into the game, but id much rather play a free for all with 5 CPU opponents set to expert.

    Where this game REALLY comes into its own though is its online play. If you can ignore the occasional childish squabble and bit of immature behaviour you find in all online public servers occasionally, you will be rewarded with some of the fiercest, hardest and truly glorious tactical battles online. You can play 1v1 with human opponents or 3v3 or all against all 6 players. Its a race against time to make no mistakes and build up your fleet, and employ cleverly devious tactics that ACTUALLY come off. In no game i have ever played have I seen 'on the fly' tactical tricks and ploys come off the way the player would hope, and thats what this game is all about. Its THE tactical game, you draw your opponents fighter defences away from his shipyard with your fighter group, knowing full well you will lose all your fighters but that your cloaked carrier is ready to launch only a few bombers which will destroy his capital ship production facility. It really does work like that, if you like tactical strategy, if you like spaceships and lasers, if you like a damn good game then there is no better.
    Fast paced, hard hitting, unforgiving tactical gameplay with jaw dropping graphics and extremely well thought out units. Seriously if you want a challenge in tactical combat buy this game NOW.

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