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Halo 2 - Limited Edition In Metal Box (XBOX)
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List price: £44.99
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Average customer rating: 4.7 out of 5
1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star
Sales rank: 63

Product Information

Media: Video Game
Manufacturer : Microsoft
Release data : 11 November, 2004

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  • A selection of product reviews

    1 star1 star1 starNo starNo star    Dont believe the hype

    In short, the game is put together very well. The graphics engine has had a slight tuning since Halo. The story line is average & the whole thing is over in a couple of days with a VERY sudden poor ending. Yes there are some great bits in the game but it looks like they rushed the ending when making it.

    Xbox Live FPS fans will be dissapointed as this is a Fisher Price version of a FPS for kids. The live lobby or finding a game is unfriendly & once your in a game there is no structure, teamwork or stealth as seen in games such as the Rainbow 6 series. Options for adapting the game to your rules are very limited, for instance you cannot turn off the radar in Head to Head mode so all you end up doing is run around until you find the red dot on the radar. The best thing about Halo 2 is the web site where you can see your stats, for instance where abouts on the map you keep getting shot, who shot you etc & so on.

    Let sleeping dogs lie, this game should not have been made as it had a huge mountain to climb to beat Halo. Halo has better impact & keeps you gripped from start to finish. Remember the first time you experienced the Flood.

    You will find that this very short review is telling you as it is, next time you are in a games store, just look at how many second hand copies there are for sale, need I say more.

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    November 11th (9th for u damn Yanks!!!) The Day Of Reckoning

    Where to start??
    This is the best game in the history of gaming without a shadow of a doubt!! I was a diehard PS2 fan, until Halo converted me! Now with HALO 2 the PS2 is useless, anyone who does not own an XBOX buy one for this game!! Oh and get XBOX Live!

    Now to the game! The campaign mode is.....a Holywood Blockbuster!! The story is phenomenal and moves at a pace to complement the gaming experience. Multiplayer on Live is the peak of online gaming and is reason enough to buy this game, what can I say without spoiling the story??

    Oh yes, BUY THIS GAME!!!

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    It's like Halo, only sexier

    This game well deserves some of it's pre-release hype, it is a beaut. But is it the best computer game ever made, as some people (including some usually sensible magazine reviewers) would claim? If you thought Halo was the best game ever, then this game will undoubtedly make you a bit damp, because it's Halo with lots of very shiny chrome-plated knobs on. There are games I prefer to this, but Halo 2 is still a bit of class.

    Everything that made Halo a great game is given several layers of polish. The graphics run faster and smoother, which makes the right view-stick seem a bit twitchier than the old Halo at first. You soon get used to the new pace, though. All the characters, weapons, landscapes, vehicles and special effects are SO much better than Halo - no mean feat, because Halo was itself a whole Swizzels-Matlow factory's worth of eye candy. I particularly love the look of the Needler weapon on this game, with the landscape refracting just the right way through the purple needles. The reflections of the battle rifle sight, and the view of the world through the sniper scope, are stunning touches. The landscapes are absolutely humungous, and so beautiful that you'd want to go there for real, apart from the idea of being sliced in two with an energy sword. There seems to be much more variation in light and weather in this game than in Halo, which was quite dark and moody. This game has a bit more fire and sunshine - which gives a surprisingly different vibe to spitting lead into Covenant scum. The cinematic bits have a ridiculous storyline, but look and sound fantastic. This is a game that further closes the gap between cinema and game graphics.

    The difficulty level of Halo 2 seems about the same as Halo - maybe a bit easier, or is it just that I'm more used to the controls by now? The enemies seem a bit cleverer in the way they jump around and run for cover when you're trying to mow them down with your dual machine guns, but to compensate, there seem to be more guns and ammo pick-ups, and your shield charges a lot quicker. Most fun of all is getting into a Ghost and blasting away with its new and very much improved canon. If you like guns - and who doesn't? - you will find plenty of fresh firearm fun in this game!

    It seems churlish to gripe about this game in any way, but for the sake of balance. I find it a bit easy to get lost in Halo 2, as I did in Halo, especially after you've been spinning around popping caps in a load of Covenant who just had you surrounded. Some of the environments are a bit samey and it's not always clear whether a place you're going in to is one that you've been to before. This is particularly relevant with dual wielding, which is great fun (really!), but two guns clogging up the screen does obscure the view somewhat. It can be frustrating running around in circles trying to find your way back on course, or am I just a bit dim? Whatever, surely no one would begrudge the MC a map, or even just a compass, to help him find his way around?

    Occasionally when you turn around fast you see a bit of the landscape get redrawn, but this happens very quickly and does not affect gameplay. It isn't even a proper gripe, just a bit of technical tut-tutting because there's no serious way to fault this game.

    It's a first person shooter, it's glossy, it's a great game. Is it significantly better than Halo? Maybe not: just significantly newer. Buy it, all the same.

    Last word - the metal box is cool, but the DVD is only moderately interesting.

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