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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - Sith Lords (PC)
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List price: £39.99
Our price: £24.99
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Average customer rating: 3.46 out of 5
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Sales rank: 88

Product Information

Media: Video Game
ISBN/ASIN : B00029P9R8
Manufacturer : Activision
Release data : 11 February, 2005

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  • A selection of product reviews

    1 star1 star1 star1 starNo star    A great game, but...

    Let's start with the positives. This game is very good. If you've played KOTOR (and you really should!), then this game offers much of the same in terms of gameplay, plus a little more. There are more force powers and more feats, most of which are worth using at some stage in the game. The skills system is also much improved; whereas there was really no need to develop a range of skills in KOTOR, the player is now rewarded for developing skills in that they open new dialogue options in conversation with other characters. Finally in addition to upgrading weapons at workbenches, it is now possible to create items as well, meaning that you do not have to rely upon finding items in the game.
    This game pulls you into the atmosphere of the Star Wars universe and doesn't let go; the development of the main character is just as enjoyable, if not more so, than the first game. There are also cameo appearences from certain characters in the first game; although they seem out of touch with the personalities developed in KOTOR, which is a shame.

    So why only four stars?
    Well, the game does have its faults, notably regarding the storyline. Firstly, it is too linear; there are no real sidequests relating to other characters. Secondly, after a certain point in the game, the story feels rushed. Events unravel too quickly and too easily, and offer little chance for reflection. There are also major gaps in the story; cutscenes appear at certain points in the game that have no relation to the storyline at that point, or indeed at any point in the game. For example, at one point a non-human character is destroyed in a cutscene, only to appear well and functional again a few minutes later, with no explanation given. This sort of thing happens regularly. It just feels unpolished and rushed.
    Dialogue between the playable characters is reduced significantly. Once you've asked them all the questions available on first meeting them, that's pretty much it for most of the game. The depth of interaction between playable characters in evidence in KOTOR just isn't there in this game.
    There are also some minor technical glitches (that i won't go into because i don't understand them!) but expect a patch.
    Finally, the ending. It's quick: very quick. It leaves many things unexplained, both regarding characters and the main plot. After 40 hours of gameplay i just felt...empty. I wanted to know what happens to my character, and the other characters for that matter. And Revan. Revan is mentioned throughout the game; there is even a cutscene where an NPC says, 'If you see Revan tell him...'; the game is set up for an appearance that would redeem the holes in the plot, and...nothing.

    Everything was in place to make this a better game than the original, but it falls short because whereas gameplay has improved, depth and attention to detail regarding charcters and storyline has been reduced. Pehaps I expected too much; I shouldn't judge it by the standards of the first game. In reflection, I'm glad that what I have is a very, very good game and I recommend it to Star Wars and RPG fans alike.

    1 star1 starNo starNo starNo star    A game in dire need of patching

    The original Knights was one of the top games of last year; this sequel takes all the elements of its predecessor (almost to the point of cloning the plot) and comes out with distinctly less than the sum of its parts. The game feels rushed and (because its so similar to its predecessor) more like an inferior addon pack than a new game (its generous length not withstanding). This is a shame because (assuming you enjoyed the first one) there would be few gaming experiences better than another adventure in the world Bethesda created. Sadly Obsidian (the new developer) have released what feels like a beta version of the finished game, characters often get stuck on invisible scenery, animations often look stilted, play at the wrong time or stutter (trust me this is definatly not a hardware thing), key segments are often missing from cutscenes (the replies of droids to questions are particulaly bad for this glitch), pod racers can end up glued to the ceiling, etc etc, the list of niggles is almost endless. Added to this the game begins with an unessecerily long and tedious prelude on a destroyed mining facility; its just not fun like the previous game which dragged you in and didnt let go from the very first scene. This game will probably edge up to a 4 star rating once obsidian have done some major patching and ironed out all the bugs, the dull segments of the game cannot be patched away and so will always cost it a star. I'm sad to say that after a year of happy anticipation this game has been a disapointment.

    1 star1 star1 star1 starNo star    Wait for the Patch

    I was a huge fan of the first KOTOR game, and pre-ordered my copy of KOTOR II months ago. It arrived last Saturday, and to tell the truth has been a huge time sink for me all weekend.

    The graphics engine appears to be very similar to the previous KOTOR game, which is adequate for the game, but certainly not jaw dropping in any way.

    The same excellent gameplay is there, with a few new tweaks (more workbench options, a combat stance mode, a few extra force powers, etc...) all of which add to the game, and are introduced slowly so as not to swamp the user with too many new things.

    The plot is long and just as full of as many twists and turns as the first one - which is great. It will help to have played the first game, as there are many references back to it.

    My only gripe and the reason for not giving it 5 stars is that is just doesn't feel finished. It has crashed to desktop once, the cut scenes sometimes finish before they are completed, and conversation takes place sometimes with the person facing the wrong way, or hands typing on a computer that is not there. Some of the voice acting has a bit of a "first take" about it, where a second or third may have been needed to get it 100% right.

    So great game - wait for the patch! (or play the original if you have not already done so)

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