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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - Sith Lords (Xbox)
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List price: £39.99
Our price: £29.99
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Average customer rating: 4.37 out of 5
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Sales rank: 122

Product Information

Media: Video Game
ISBN/ASIN : B00029P7T8
Manufacturer : Activision
Release data : 11 February, 2005

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  • A selection of product reviews

    1 star1 star1 starNo starNo star    Good, but not =that= good.

    Graphics: If you've seen the first game, then you've seen the second. The videos and graphics were still good, but there weren't enough 'wow' moments, such as the big space battles seen in the last game. I am no graphics elitist, however, and so will quickly move on to the other elements of the game.

    Gameplay: Controls are pretty much the same, but they've tweaked a couple of things that allow for a lot of fun. A very high (if existant) level cap means you can truly become a God amongst men. Prestige classes mean that you can have many different characters, if you choose to play it through again. There are a couple of extra powers (though some of these were only useful once or twice), and different 'forms' for your lightsaber fighting and force powers. It would have been nice if the way your character moved (or the look of the powers) changed depending what form you were using, but... ah well. I liked the fact that everything was customizable, even some Jedi Robes. However, it was VERY easy. Maybe it was because I've only played as Consulars, where your Force Power DCs eventually become insane, as does your armour (Mine was over -50- by the end of the game. Half the bosses couldn't touch me).

    Story: All-important in my opinion, and alas the main reason why I gave the game 3 stars instead of 4. The story isn't -bad-, far from it, but when you compare it to the first game... well, I don't want to spoil anything for people who haven't played the game yet. The characters were all cool (especially HK, reappearing eventually, and those others from the first game), and the fact that they mirror your alignment was great (it gave you a feeling of accomplishment when you turned them to the light/dark side), but the story felt somehow... disjointed. The enemies just didn't do it for me, and killing them didn't make me do a little dance around the room... and the love story *rolls eyes* Well, you'll see - it's just so sudden and unsatisfying.

    So you have an okay story, good gameplay, and graphics that are good enough to please the eye, and enough little extras to keep a gamer amused. And I will probably play it through again, to find out what happens when you tread the path of the Grey Jedi. If you consider it on its own, then it is definitely worth 4 stars, but you can't - not only the graphics, but in the gameplay and story it is tied to the first game, and it just doesn't quite measure up to it.

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    An Excellent Sequel.

    I've played an imported US copy of this game and I'm happy to report that it is better than the already great original! After a brief prologue where you control T3-M4 you start with your own character, an exiled Jedi whose link with the force was severed.
    You start with no real idea of where you are and what's going on, leaving you to explore a seemingly deserted space station. You slowly rebuild your force powers but its quite a while till you build a new lightsaber.
    You build a party of up to 10 npcs (3 of whom were in the first game) who are quite important as there will be times when your main character isn't in play.
    The locations you visit are mostly new and when you visit old ones it's good to see how they have changed with time.
    Combat works the same as before although there are some new features (eg you can quickly toggle between 2 different weapon configurations and use different lightsaber stances). It also felt quite easy in some parts of the game (when played on the standard settings).
    Most force powers and feats are the same as the original but there are some good new ones. One particularly useful feat allows you to use your dexterity rather that strength in combat, essential for all non-jedi guardians.
    The dialogue and voice acting is all superb (apart from the anoying repetitiveness of some alien dialogue).
    One of my favourite features in this game is the interaction between yourself and your fellow party members. How you can gain and lose favour with them through you actions is great and even better is when you can start to instruct some of the non-jedi in the ways of the force.
    Overall an excelllent sequel that surpasses the original.

    1 star1 star1 star1 starNo star    Great but isn¿t the flawless

    First off, this is a brilliant game, but it isn't the flawless classic that was KOTOR 1.

    Firstly, the plot development isn't as well controlled through the character dialogue and as a result, my whole game changed because I was forced into killing one of the Jedi. I had strands repeated through out and even in the finale!! Moreover, I made a deal with the 'Hutt' and later this just didn't take effect??(Yeah I did go and see the Captain and all he kept saying was "Ohh you're back") So, expect plenty of bugs. Also getting a light sabre takes forever mainly because the start is so slow. When I did get a sabre and the higher level powers the game suddenly became a lot easier than KOTOR 1 in which you had to use more skill. I pretty much ran straight through the final level in this game (apart from the level boss of course.)

    However, despite all that I played this game non-stop for three days solid and loved it and I know I will be playing it again. I think the fact the game starts with a 'Demo' trailer really sums it up. This is an unpolished gem of a game and despite its flaws is still well worth the money.

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