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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2)
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Average customer rating: 4.51 out of 5
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Product Information

Media: Video Game
ISBN/ASIN : B0001701BU
Manufacturer : Rockstar
Release data : 29 October, 2004

A selection of product reviews

1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    I love you Rockstar North

It's the 6th game in the Grand Theft Auto series and undoubtedly the best. Vice City was huge. You had a whole city to play around with. And now you have a state. The game is about 5 or 6 times bigger than Vice City with three major cities (Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas) and small country towns (Dillimore, Blueberry, Palomino Creek, Angel Pine, Fort Carson and El Quebrados). As in VC, the more you progress in the game, the more land you unlock. You probably know by now that you play as Carl Johnson who has returned to Los Santos after his mother has been killed. The missions then start, getting more and more difficult as the game goes on. CJ's two main enemies are Officers Tenpenny and Pulaski. They make CJ's life miserable at any opportunity. But, you shall have revenge....
Here is a list of some of the things you can do in San Andreas that you couldn't do in Vice City:
- Gain and lose weight depending on how often you eat.
- Change your hairstyle.
- Get a tatoo.
- Choose what sort of clothes CJ wears (torso, legs, watches, hats, chains etc.)
- Modify cars (eg. add hydraulics, new paint job, new wheels)
- Gamble (roulette, blackjack, wheel of fortune)
- Take photos and save them on your memory card.
- Go to the gym and get fitter.
- Take over gang territory until you have the whole of Los Santos.
- Do a parachute jump.
- SWIM! Your character is finally able to swim (on the surface and underwater.). The more you swim, the greater your lung capacity becomes.
- Burgle houses at night.
- Start fires or put them out with fire extinguishers.
- Hold two of the same weapon at once.
- Learn different fighting moves.
- Drive trains.
- Fly planes.
- Use stealth instead of going in all guns blazing.
- Play pool in bars.
- Use arcade machines.
- Ride bikes.
So, quite a lot then.
Another clever feature of the game (as if there wasn't enough already) is that according to what's happening in the game, the news reports on the radio will match it.
Speaking of radio, San Andreas has 11 different radio stations (Vice City had nine) all with their own style of music, except for WCTR, the San Andreas version of VCPR (sort of).
As San Andreas is so big, you don't have to drive to the other side of the state: you can now take a plane or the Brown Streak Railroad which stops at five stations throughout the state (Unity Station and Market Station in Los Santos, Cranberry Station in San Fierro and Linden Station and Yellow Bell Station in Las Venturas).
All the voices are excellently done, especially Officer Tenpenny who is voiced by Samuel L. Jackson. The pedestrians comment on your appearance and you can reply back in a positive or negative way. Recruit gang members to follow you around. Tell drug dealers to get out of your 'hood. San Andreas has it all.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a brilliant game, and I recommended it to anybody (over 18 of course....). It will take you a long time to complete, but hey, that's the point isn't it? Hope this has helped.
See you later. Officer.

1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    An Absolute Thriller

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is brilliant! If you liked GTA VICE CITY you are going to love this! GTA SAN ANDREAS has everything you can get parachutes, lots more cars and when you get near the end of the game you can even bet in casinos. For people who liked doing up cars you can even do that, you can add nitro, spoilers, hydraulics, more colours, side skirts, change your wheels, bass boost speakers and a whole lot more. The airports have private jets in and one even has a massive jumbo jet which you can fly. The jumbo jet is in a big building in one of the airports go up to the door and it will slide down. You can go to the gym and get more muscle or have more stamina by riding on the bike machine. There are now three islands instead of two! The missions are really interesting because on some of the missions you get to use new vehicles like helicopters or planes that can skid along the sea and fly.
At the very end of the game when you complete it and the credits come up to show you have completed it you get a Jet Pack which has unlimited fuel and you can fly as high as the highest building and as far as you want. There are four schools on the game there is a boat, driving, flying and motorcycle school. When you get 100% on every challenge in a school you get different vehicles outside the school depending on what the school is e.g. you will get an FCR 900 outside the motorcycle school and outside the driving (car) school you will get three cars which are really fast! On one of the missions near the end of the game you need to take over lots of gang territories so make sure you do that. I hope this review was useful to you and strongly recommend that you buy this game.

1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Greatest Game of the Series

So this is it, the final bow for the Grand Theft Auto series on the current generation of consoles, but what a finish.
The improvements to this game are mostly peripheral in context but when incorporated into play make a big difference. The biggest difference is the new system of gangs where you can run gangs and claim territory as your own. This makes your life a lot easier (try taking over a rival gangs hood without some other guns and you'll see what i mean). As well as gangs though you must also watch your weight (eat too much and get fat!), your muscle (work out to stay strong), your love life (keep up your sex appeal and hold onto your girlfriend), not to mention the usual myriad selection of missions. This game is truly one the most vast, sprawling gaming experineces in history, with a massive (3-4 times that of Vice City) area to play in and more than one way to make it big. The game now not only includes missions (and often you can choose between around 4 at any one time) but also allows you to break into houses at night, claim territory, purchase a large variety of properties, the list goes on. This is really a game that is going to take more than one playing to fully experience.
As with the previous games, what story there is revolves mostly around the gangs. You play CJ, a street thug who comes back to San Andreas when his mother dies and rejoins his brother in the Grove Street gang. As with the previous game, this GTA features a stellar voice cast of established actors, musicians and up and coming young stars. Particularly joyous are Samuel L Jackson and Chris Penn as a couple of corrupt cops, and Ice T as rapper Madd Dogg. Not to mention the amazing soundtrack which has just about everything you could ever want, rock (guns'n'roses), rap (2pac), even country (willie nelson)
The in game mechanics of your character also now need a lot more attention. Besides your fat/muscle ratio you also have to improve your skills with different weapons and vehicles (increased use leads to better accuracy/easier control), and this allows you to mould your character to your preferences (although you will want a selection of skills, just in case!). On top of this there is a huge amount of control in your characters appearence courtesy of a wide selection of clothing, oh, and some truly hilarious haircuts!
Overall this is easily the most thorough GTA yet and should keep committed players hooked for many months. For those new to the series this is as good as it gets in games, fast paced action, frenetic shoot-outs, insane driving, stealth, and just about every criminal activity under the sun. This is the game your parents never wanted you to play. Indulge yourself. Whatever your pleasure, this game will cater for it! Fans of the series will no doubt own this already, and for those of you who don't, what are you waiting for? There has never been a better time to indulge your criminal side, and hey, at least it keeps it off the streets right?!

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