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Wrong Turn [2003]
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List price: £15.99
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Average customer rating: 3.85 out of 5
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Sales rank: 1,460

Product Information

Media: DVD
Manufacturer : Pathe Distribution Ltd
Release data : 02 February, 2004

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    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Wrong Turn - Horror is back!

    Wrong Turn marks the return of hard core horror films, reminiscent of those that graced cinema screens in the 70's and early 80s (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), Friday The 13th etc). Had it not been for Wrong Turn, I doubt that "Cabin Fever" would have been such a big hit, along with the new "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" remake. It's good old fashioned horror at it's best, with all the gore thrown in that Scream like slasher films of the 90's such as "Urban Legend", "Urban Legends: Final Cut" and "Valentine" decided not to use, ultimately aiming horror films of recent years to a younger crowd and taking away the edge they once had. Wrong Turn isn't toned down for a 15 certificate in the hope of making more money at the box office, it's a real horror film that delivers the suspense, scares and gore that we horror fans have been dying for!
    Chris (Desmond Harrington), Jesse (Eliza Dushku), Carly (Emmanuelle Chriqui), Scott (Jeremy Sisto), Francine (Lindy Booth) and Evan (Kevin Zegers) are six twenty something's stranded in the woods of West Virginia. In search of a phone, the group stumbles upon a house that belongs to a trio of inbred cannibals, who would like nothing more than to prepare them for dinner. What follows is a struggle for the group to make it out of the woods, as the cannibals hunt them down and kill them off in a grisly fashion.
    Yes, hardly an original concept, but it's executed very well and creates genuine scares and a hell of a lot of suspense (particularly in the scene where the cannibals come home). As the plot is simple, it is evident that more attention was given to the situations that the characters end up in, and the ways in which they are dispatched. They end up in several different scenarios, some of which have never been done before. This makes it harder to predict what will happen as you have never seen it happen in a previous horror film. The plot may not be original, but the events themselves sure are! For once you may find that you CAN'T guess what exactly will happen next, and this is a refreshing change for the psycho slasher genre. The deaths are creative and very gory, and some of them come as a real surprise (jump out of your seat moments).
    The characters are enjoyable to watch, with Eliza Dushku once again playing the strong female (like Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and Jeremy Sisto playing Scott with a Jeff Goldblum like quality. For me, the real star in the film was Emmanuelle Chriqui playing Carly. She is probably the most developed of the characters, as the audience get a bit of insight into her personal life. We also see how her character changes as the film progresses. Not only does she go from fun loving to petrified (as most characters do in these type of films), but we see her go beyond this. She shows real emotion for others in the group as they fall prey to the killers (how often do we see this?!!), and then later she seems as though she's not quite with it anymore, being driven to insanity by fear. You really feel for the characters in this film, which just makes it more enjoyable to watch as you wonder who will make it to the end.
    The film is also very well made. The direction is top notch and the use of light and shadows give an eerie feel to particular scenes. The beautiful scenery is also captured by the camera. It is impressive how the film manages to look so professional and have such good production values, but also remind the audience of the cheap backwoods slasher flicks from over 20 years ago that so many of us have come to love. Stan Winston (he did the special effects for Jurassic Park!) is on board to bring the cannibalistic mountain men to life, with extremely realistic make up effects. The script is witty on occasion, and only once is it self referential like the Scream films (one character mentions the film "Deliverance"). With a cast full of fresh faces, good acting, likeable characters, suspense, jumps, gore, great special effects, a well written screenplay, fantastic direction and a musical score that is very fitting to the film's main themes, you should find something you like about Wrong Turn. If like me, you like all of these things, you should fall in love with it instantly! For so long I had been making trips to the cinema, hoping to be scared by a film so much that I would be tearing the fabric from the arms of the chair and shouting at the screen, and finally it happened when I went to see Wrong Turn. This is horror at its best, so buy it now!

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    The Best Horror Movie in a long while

    Yes, I'm a big 70's horror fan....and this film really takes you back to the day
    What a clever subject, genetic mutation combined with inbreeding to create sub-human freaks - I love can't get more scary than stuff that could actually happen in real life.

    And so what if it's a teen-movie....I'm 31 and I still found it interesting....Also the whole point about films like this, is not the amount of gore, it's the suspense and the edge-of-seat, feeling of what might be about to happen...And if people are watching it just for the dialogue it seems they miss the point.
    You don't have to have speech to create an ambience.

    The sheer terror of this film, just like TCM2 is it's closeness to reality. Put it this way, I don't ever want to be stuck in the West Virginian hills, either on my own or in a party of at least 20!

    1 star1 starNo starNo starNo star    Could have been better.

    Wrong Turn is one of those films that you really wish they had done more with. Ok so it has some gore and and jumpy moments and the musical score is pretty scary. But its not really anything new. And the plot holes are just silly!
    Performance wise, Eliza Dushku is probably the only sort of stand out who is in the lead role, and runs around wearing a tight vest for most of the movie. But the rest of the acting is pretty tacky.
    There is one scene not too far in the movie that is suprisingly gory and suprisingly scary and suspensfull, when the teens are trapped in the "maniacs" shack and have to watch there friend get bruatally butcherd. If the rest of the movie had been like this, then you would have a very scary movie indeed. But it fails due to the rest of the film becoming a cliche teen horror that is too scared to be as raw and harrowing as the "Texas Chainsaw Massare" and too camp to be as dark and original as "Deliverence". So basically this is just another teen horror movie with only a great musical score and one very scary scene to credit itself.

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