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Wild Down Under
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List price: £15.99
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Average customer rating: 5 out of 5
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Sales rank: 558

Product Information

Media: VHS Tape
Manufacturer : BBC Worldwide Publishing
Release data : 27 October, 2003

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    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Australia's Other Neighbours

    Stunning photography accompanied by beautiful haunting music make Wild Down Under a must see. Matt Day narrates adding the icing to the cake. Even if you don't enjoy documentaries i'm sure you will get pleasure from this. On offer a look at Australia's unique scenery and unusual array of wildlife on the mainland and off of the coast. Although comprehensive the facts are easy to digest with narration free spaces to let you sit back and appreciate each subject. Lets hope the team travel to other regions of the world. I watched all the series on TV and couldn't believe my luck when the dvd was released so quickly. I have watched from start to finnish twice more and will add many more viewings in the future, even if I just listen to the music.

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Amazing footage of true outback Australia-One to watch.

    After watching this series on the BBc, i purchased the dvd. Normally I'm not much into nature documentaries, but this one was really fascinating. You will learn more than you realise. The footage, and imagery on this dvd is amazing. The shots, sounds, colours are so vivid. As it is done in lots of different episode, its easier to watch. Australia is somewhere where many people will want to visit, and this gives really good images of true Australia, its fascinating, and I really enjoyed it.

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Australias wildlife in its full glory

    Australia has some of the world's most unique wildlife and much of it is detailed in one of the most exciting nature documentaries yet. Spanning six fifty minute episodes the DVD focuses on wildlife based on the many different landscapes of Australia, including the seas, rainforests, the desert, and the snowy south. But that's not all, it also focuses on man's impact on the wildlife as well as taking you to see the wildlife present on New Zealand and the isolated islands east of the Australian coast. It's very likely this DVD will show you animals you've never seen or heard about, one of my favourites is the Lyre bird which imitates the other birds around it by using their songs as it's own! The extras arent bad either there's a wildlife on one special about possums with our favourite David Attenborough and profiles and a short documentary on penguins if your bothered!
    Narrated by Matt Day he takes you on an exciting and interesting journey of Australia with breathtaking views, stunning scenery and a great soundtrack to boot. It just wouldn't be the BBC without it! Definately a top buy if you love unique nature.

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