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City Of God (Cidade De Deus) [2003]
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Average customer rating: 4.72 out of 5
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Product Information

Media: DVD
ISBN/ASIN : B00008W64Q
Manufacturer : Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Release data : 22 September, 2003

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  • A selection of product reviews

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Incredible

    City of God is one of the best films i've ever seen and i'm postive it will remain that way. Harrowing and dark, it will grip you and won't leave your mind even after the film is over. Passionate film lovers have got to see this, and if you're put off by the subtitles then that's disappointing. It's really not hard to read them and you won't even take notice that you are doing it.

    Set mainly in the 1970s, the film has entwining stories following different people from the 'city of god': a violence-filled slum in Rio de Janeiro. The main character is Rocket, a young man who hopes to be a photographer, but fears he will never make it out of the city of god. The film however is essentially revolved around Lil'Dice, a ruthless, power hungry, violent man who wipes out all the powerful drug dealers (bar 1, Carrot) to become the main one himself.

    The film is violent, gritty and in some parts disturbing. Some scenes are not easy to watch, but it is such an interesting and well-made film that you will have no doubts about doing so. The cast of mainly young actors are excellent and the majority are non-professional actors who have far more talent than a lot of ridiculously rich hollywood stars. The film shockingly shows a life where kids are brought up amongst violence and drugs, many becoming involved themselves at a frightfully young age. This is not some hollywood fantasty world, it's realistic and doesn't offer a happy ending where everything is ok. Throughout the film several people attempt to leave the city and start a new life, all of them failing. The ending shows a scary vicious cycle, where kids become caught up in the life of crime instead of escaping from it. There is hope however in people like Rocket, who avoid the life of a hoodlum and aspire to make something else of thier life. A truly incredible film, i can't praise it enough and i recommend you to see it for yourself.

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Goodfellas Is Nothing Compared To This

    How dare people compare this to a "mafia" movie like Goodfellas. Not that that movie is bad(infact its very good) but City of God stands on its own as one of THE best films ever made.City of God tells the story of one of the most dangerous(and poorest) cities in Brazil, the ironically named "City of God". The film goes through 60's and 70's and effortlessy interweaves numerous characters and stories at a breath-taking pace. What makes this movie stand out from the rest is its ability to make the characters so fully believeable and real. Rocket(the narrator) is sympathetic but not helpless(like the way Somalians are depicted in "Black Hawk Down"), or the potrayal of Knockout Ned as man who driven to becoming a gangster for revenge or even Lil Ze(my favourite character) as the vicious boss of the city but is shy when it comes to asking girls to dance.Also, considering the film features a child going on a killing spree,a rape,drug abuse,the torturing of couple of wanna-be kid gangsters and a hell of a lot underaged people being gunned down through the process of the movie, it still is filmed quite tastefully and never becomes exploitative, despite the hyper-stylised way it is filmed.Truly a masterpiece.

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    This is how people live - and die. Totally gripping...

    Despite its name, ‘City Of God’ is certainly not a religious place. The title refers to the most infamous slum in Rio De Janeiro. A place of squalor, corruption, poverty, drugs, crime and death where even the Police feared visiting except to collect bribes. This powerful film was released in January of this year and, even then, many film critics were confident enough to call it the ‘film of the year’. I wouldn’t argue that it still holds that honour. It is captivating, violent, exciting, often humorous but especially brutally honest in its portrayal of an era in Brazilian history and it's remarkable to watch as a film knowing it is based so closely on true events...

    During the 1960s, youth gangs took over the slums of Rio and didn't give up their stronghold until into the 1980s. Crime was the only way to make money, gain respect - and survive. Young children carry guns and death amongst them is commonplace. Childhood is bypassed as the young must grow up quickly or die. Rocket (a mature and superb performance by young Alexandre Rodrigues) chooses not to turn to that way of life. His efforts in illegal activity fail as he finds possible victims too nice. He is just as unsuccessful in love as he regularly fails to lose his virginity. Blood spills throughout the streets of the slums as wild and power mad gang leader Li'l Ze is challenged by local druglords and a gang of pre-teens called the Runts. The authorities are reluctant to step in as the warfare takes place. Rocket shoots all of this action with his own weapon of choice - a camera...

    Director Fernando Meirelles combines a flamboyant visual style with dark history in telling the story of three decades of unrest in underground Rio. Technically flawless, the film uses a rapid cutting style to flash back and forth in time. Eleven years after ‘Pulp Fiction’ the similarities in style are noticeable but this is no copycat movie and is strong, compelling and unique in its own right. Cinematographer Cesar Charlone cleverly uses an overexposed glow in a film that may seem numb to the violence but respects its subject matter. An exceptional movie with one main theme that tells many tales and at the heart is Rocket and the true story of how this determined young man grew up in the most violent of circumstances to pursue his dream to be a photographer. Film of the year? I’ll go along with that. Unmissable, tense, thrilling, sad but exciting viewing.

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