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Fable (Xbox)
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List price: £24.99
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Average customer rating: 4.11 out of 5
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Sales rank: 117

Product Information

Media: Video Game
Manufacturer : Microsoft
Release data : 08 October, 2004

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  • A selection of product reviews

    1 star1 star1 starNo starNo star    What happened to open-ended?

    That sums it up: What happened to open-ended? Fable is good and very exciting to play... once. Definitely recommended, sure. But after one finish it is very boring to play again, especially if you've already looked around everywhere during this first time.

    It cannot compare to Morrowind, since it is not open-ended. This is a BIG minus. The graphics are sharper and better quality than in Morrowind. There are hardly any bugs, it is clear the game has been well-worked. But I had hoped to be able to roam Albion freely and that Albion would be MUCH bigger than it is in the game.

    Also the selling line about being able to make decisions for good or bad, is just naive. The storyline is so linear that good or bad really is irrelevant.

    There is decisive English influence in the game, through the voices and the type of jokes, and this is good fun. A gravestone reads: "Dead. Happy now?" The character can fart and belch in public, great fun.

    The game is also pretty easy to play, in the sense that you don't really die all the time. That's good, too, since all that reloading business is a pain in the youknowwhere.

    They made one mistake with the magic buttons: instead of allowing you to map magic spells to 4 buttons, like you can with items and expressions, you can only map to 3, leaving the yellow button free as a rotator button. Result is that my spells disappear in the middle of the action, since you always press yellow sooner or later. Very irritating. Especially since yellow actually is used to roll out of harm's way. So that's a bug, probably the result of using testers that were experienced players.

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Every decision a consequence?

    I bought this game because I loved the idea of developing a character through from adolescence to old age.I felt quite attached to my character as he developed scars, got tattoos, grew fatter in times of plenty and thinner when I forgot to feed him.

    I played the game as a basically good character although there was the odd bit of vandalism, theft and bigamy along the way. I could easily have chosen to be evil, there really are lots of opportunities to make choices.

    The game runs along two quest structures, a linear game story and side quests along the way. This is one of those games you can complete quickly taking on main quests only, or mess about with for a while collecting things and interacting with the game world.

    The fighting is in the first person and involves either magic, shooting projectile weapons or hacking at things with melee weapons. The combat is exciting, challenging and it is possible to combine a magic spell with melee combat.

    I particularly enjoyed having the freedom to wander around the game world and revisit locations whenever I wasn't on an active quest. The graphics are excellent and the locations are well designed particularly the town and villages where you can get involved in trading, house-buying and carousing at the Inns.

    It is hard to find negatives about this game, maybe it ends a bit too quickly for me but doesn't it seem like that with all really good games? Hope it doesn't take four years for the next one!

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    finally!

    this game has taken years, but it didnt even take me a day to buy it, and you should do, its literally diablo meets black and white meets phantasy star online (but not online obviously) meets the sims (to a lesser degree, but still, you can get married, more than once, and to men...) meets morrowwind, mixed in a big pot with lots of graphics and real time combat thats all over any other game remotely similar, and you have one of the best, if not the most accomplised polished game ever (so far....halo 2 anyone?)
    the thing that's really got me hooked however is that, unlike in morrowind and similar games, you spend ages creating some kickass character, but once you've done that, there's nothing to do, or worse, the combat system is just rubbish (cough..morrowind) but in fable you get to make the most of your character and go crazy with them. plus, the characters advance pretty quickly so you don't get bored or stuck in a rut unlike some other games.
    plus the magic in fable (or 'will') is very special, in almost ever roleplaying game ive played i always end up back as a sword guy coz the magic, no matter how mystical or powerful, is always a lot more hassle than its worth, fable is different, you actually want to use and develop all the spells you get, coz theyre so damn cool ie. the fireball (level that up!) and lightning. you can just throw them into battle as fast as anything, no messing about with silly menus or mana (ur mana recharges itself, but u can also use potions for quick charging)
    finally, the comedy element, its got a black humour to it just like blacka nd white did, which basically keeps you interested, unlike a lot of roleplaying games that are too serious for they're own good, its not over the top, but just enough to make u laugh when wandering a city and someone shouts 'he don't look much of a chicken chaser to me, but then i aint never seen one before' (a nickname u earn early on)
    whatever, if your at all tempted by this game, even just coz of the hype, buy it on impulse, you'll enjoy it.

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