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Unlocking The Mystery Of Life
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Media: DVD
Manufacturer : Penfold Book and Bible House Ltd
Release data : 01 May, 2002

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    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    The Evidence is clear

    Unlocking The Mystery Of Life refers back to Darwin's writings of one hundred fifty years ago and leads us through recent discoveries of the complexity of cell functions and components. Along the way we have Dr. Dean Kenyon who in the 1960's had written the definitive work on the chemical version of evolution, that has been widely used in colleges and graduate schools. Kenyon's textbook was "Biochemical Predestination". Given the scientific discoveries in molecular biology and genetics of the last twenty years, Dr. Dean Kenyon and other scientists in this video (Stephen Meyer, Michael Behe, Jonathan Wells, Scott Minnich, Paul Nelson, and William Dembski) have completely discarded Darwin's Theory of Evolution.

    Two examples of Darwin Theory's failure given in the video are the thousands of different complex molecular machines that interrelate in the cell's manufacturing processes as well as the detailed programming instructions for those machines.

    The video uses computer-generated animation showing the building of these machines from amino acids into proteins, and finally the particular machine structure and function itself. The machine example in the video is a relatively simple one: the bacteria flagellum - specifically, the "outboard motor" assembly that runs the 100 thousand RPM tail of the bacteria.

    The "modern" Darwin scientist counter argument of "co-option" is also addressed. These different machines could not have been built slowly over time as Darwin's Theory of "functional advantage" requires a complete and immediate working component. Plus the fact that most of the parts within these machines are unique only to those machines, and could not have been borrowed from another machine within the same cell. This has been termed "irreducible complexity"

    ... Where did this complete motor assembly come from? From the detailed blueprints of the nucleus' DNA for the proteins (machines) to build these other machines that are needed by the cell.

    The next logical and scientific question, of course, is "Where did these final, complete and complex programming instructions come from?"

    It's this last question that Darwin Evolutionists refuse to answer, because they have no answer for it. There is no "natural cause" that produces information. A detailed and error-free computer program of billions of instructions doesn't just "show up" on the beach one day. It had to be left there by someone, some mind who had designed it in the first place and remember, that here it's also a part of a complete and independent system (the cell).

    Darwin Evolutionists dare not go to the next logical question "So, then WHO IS THE DESIGNER in this "Intelligent Design"? ... and what does that mean to me personally?"

    FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE INTERESTED IN FINDING THE ANSWER to this last question, I would suggest continuing to look at The EVIDENCE

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