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Halo 2
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List price: £39.99
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Average customer rating: 4.13 out of 5
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Product Information

Media: Video Game
ISBN/ASIN : B00006IR20
Manufacturer : Microsoft
Release data : 11 November, 2004

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    1 star1 star1 starNo starNo star    Why Halo 2 fails to live up to expectations Pt2

    The new weapons added to the game are plentiful, the lock-on system for the rocket launcher is great, but apart from a few (the Covenant Carbine and the Brute Shot for example) the rest seem to act simply as filler, something to add to a sequel to make it more appealing. Also, every single weapon in Halo was effective, no matter what 2 weapons you had you could always pull something out of the bag. In Halo 2 there are certain weapons that I wouldn't even consider, they may as well not be there because they are absolutely useless. The plasma pistol used to be essential, now it's barely worth using, why remove its massive homing capabilities? In the same fashion the Needler has also been ruined, its homing capabilities have been lowered dramatically. The shotgun has a painfully slow reload time now, not to mention the SMG, which reloads in slow motion. The M6C Pistol used to be fantastic for short and mid-ranged combat. Now that its 2x scope has been removed its lost 90% of its appeal and whilst it's equipped, I find myself constantly viewing enemies through my binoculars amidst battle! What is it with that binocular gimmick anyway? A complete waste of time.

    The trajectory for throwing grenades has been altered too. It seems as though Bungie have decided to make close quarter combat easier; as grenades seem to dip uncharacteristically now, compromising long ranged throws. Grenades no longer dig into the ground when you throw them at enemy's feet. Instead they skid along the floor as if on ice and detonate miles away from its intended target. Whilst talking about grenades I may as well talk about the flashlight as they are side by side to each other on the control pad. Very clever of Bungie to make the flashlight automatic, but it never stays on when you want it to. I found myself constantly turning it on whilst it decidedly turned itself off! Also, what is up with the health meter? You never know how much health you have now! In Halo, this is especially relevant when playing on Legendary, you would gauge whether or not you could risk a firefight depending on how much energy you had. If you had full health (or near enough) you could be more aggressive in your attack. Now, in Halo 2, you never know how long you can withstand taking fire because there is no way to gauge your health - stupid!

    In Halo 2 your AI controlled Marines can now pilot vehicles, an expected update, but whatever happened to the Warthog's passenger cockpit view? In the first game you could only experience this in co-op mode, but it was such a rush, it felt so real. It felt like you were actually positioned in that cockpit, riding every bump and anticipating every unexpected twist and turn, knowing that you would have only one chance to take out your target. In Halo 2 MC rides on top of the Warthog's passenger seat and is now able to have a 180-degree range of fire rather than a restricted 90 degrees. I understand the reasons for this but in no way is this as exhilarating. Oh yeah, whatever happened to the ATV Buggy bike?

    The beach landing in Halo wasn't surpassed by anything in Halo 2 and to even talk about the story line is laughable. It is exactly the same as the original! I mean come on, they didn't even try, that's what it feels like! I could not believe that the only new alien species introduced were the Brutes, which we knew about long before the game's release. Where was the surprise? In the original Halo it was the Flood that surprised us all, but in Halo 2 there was no surprise at all and the Flood was simply reintroduced to allow for the 3-way fire fights. A carbon copy of the original. I was hoping that the Forerunners or a descendent of theirs would make an appearance, spice things up a little, but no. And as for that weird worm-like creature named 'The Monument' what is he all about? An out of place character attempting to add depth to Halo 2s storyline. The major difference in Halo 2s campaign mode is that you get to play as the Arbiter, an interesting twist, but it's MC who I want to be. The game didn't even finish with you playing as the MC!

    As far as I am concerned, Halo (the original) is still the greatest FPS ever made. Its balance is impeccable, its vistas inspiringly beautiful, the attention to detail phenomenal and that is what is essentially lacking in Halo 2, it's not as well polished. I acknowledge Halo's few well-known flaws and I agree with them, but what made Halo great was that it felt unbelievably real, its game world was rock solid. Aliens spoke in an alien tongue, not in English! Master Chief never broke away from his cold, cool demeanour and spoke corny dialogue! Everything had a certain level of grittiness to it, I just hope Bungie realise how right they once had it. To say I was excited for the release of Halo 2 is a severe understatement and I was gutted to find that all my hopes had been crushed. I knew within minutes, you can tell by simply looking at the bland blue title screen. I can no longer trust the world of gaming and its developers; I cannot even bring myself to pray for a second miracle. I will love Halo for as long as my hands can function before arthritis sets in and even then, I will sing it lullabies to help it sleep. Halo is my pride and joy, the one true king. Will it ever bear an heir worthy to the throne? Please let the gods shine down on us for the birth of Halo 3.

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Halo 2 - Awesome. Dont believe the negative reviews

    If you liked the first, you won't be dissapointed. All these people who completed it in 5 hours on normal, need to notch the game up a level. If you have completed Halo, then you should start the game on Heroic. The tilt is perfect for someone who is familiar with the gameplay. The game will also take alot longer to complete and is so much more enjoyable as the AI is amazing.. I am currently playing through on legendary and wow. I challenge most of these so called, "i completed it in 5 hours" people to even complete 3 levels, in that time. You can really appreciate the game on this setting as it is so realistic, you must use stealth, and skill and is the way it is supposed to be played. You feel in the game. If you really were in the game you wouldn't just run in to a room with covenant elites guns blazing. Hoping to kill enough of them before they killed you.

    The story is deep, which may go over the heads of some with lesser intellect ;) but if you want the complete gaming experience then buy Halo 2, and start it on Heroic.

    Awesome stuff.

    ps havn't mentioned the online multiplayer.. Excellent fun, do not miss it!

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Excellent

    Firstly the single player part of Halo 2 is fantastic. I've almost finished the game and it's taken me well over 10 hours on the normal setting (one particular checkpoint took me over one hour alone). The weopons, graphics, vehicles and baddies are all first rate.

    The online game is slightly different... There are 3 options for you to choose from:-

    1. You can set up your own game and invite your 'friends' to join you in a game that you make the rules for

    2. You can join one of your 'friends' games

    3. You can let bungie place you in a game where the the players are approx the same ability as you.

    My big criticism of this is that if you want to play quickly(and not particularly with friends) you choose option 3. These games are very good BUT after every game has finished you have to find another game which can take about 3 -4 minutes (or more). I think this is a lot of time to wait between games. I wish there was an option like on PGR2 where you can just join a random game set up by people who aren't your 'friend'. i enjoyed this in PGR2 as it meant that i was 'meetin' new people each time i played. I underestand why Bungie have set up the match maker games (so you play an even game against people of your ability), but i do not wish to wait 3 -4 minutes between each 5 - 10 minutes game. This takes some of the polish off a cracking multiplayer game.

    It is only fair to add when you do start a game it's FANTASTIC and great fun.

    Overall highly recommended

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