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Animal Crossing & Memory Card 59 (GameCube)
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List price: £39.99
Our price: £29.99
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Average customer rating: 4.64 out of 5
1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star
Sales rank: 1,247

Product Information

Media: Video Game
Manufacturer : Nintendo
Release data : 24 September, 2004

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  • A selection of product reviews

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    The Best Video Game there ever was, is and ever will be.

    You an walk with the Animals, talk with the-
    Will yes its true After a long 2 years Animal Crossing is set for Eruopian reliese. I already imported the US version and have no reason to re-buy it in PAL. But everyone should have a copy, you get your own randomised town that is unique from any other Animal Crossing town, you save it on the FREE 59 block card and buy your self a house. Pay for that house over time, design your own clothes, meet Friends whom are Animals, do jobs for them to get money for your house and more clothes. Decorrate your home with stuff from the local shop and earn prizes for the best looking house. When its night time in the real world it's night time in the game, and the same for day time, days of the week, seasons, months and even your own birthday! Get ready to leave home and set up a new life with the home land on Septhember 24th 2004!

    Nes games:
    At the shop in Animal Crossing you can buy old Nintendo games such as Donkey Kong and Excite Bike, take them home and play them just as though you really owned them and... you do. So even more value for money, As donkey Kong could cost you £14 on GBA, its only £3,000bells in Animal Crossing cash!

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Animal Crossing, oh yes

    I was unsure of Anmal Crossing until about a month ago, i read a review and was interested. I scanned the forums and found out that many people had imported and liked it very much. So then, for £10 cheaper, i decided to buy it.

    No regrets. It's full of life and expression. This odd-ball life sim i prefer more than The Sims;there's no annoying "i want food" "dress me!". This is YOUR world and you do as you like.

    Originally on the N64, this does show through but playing it you'll forget all that if you can adjust to the idea of a slightly 'sweet' world, but its so cool, i dont care.

    You start off without any cash or home, you move to (your town) and pick 1 of 4 houses. The house is basically bare, but you fill it up and get it looking how you want it. Money is easy to make-doing errands for neighbours, digging up fossils, selling fish, insects or other items like fruit, furniture, clothes, wallpaper etc etc.

    There are loads of items in this game, litterally thousands, and everyone has their own town and house they create. For me, i imagine a spookey upstairs bedroom, cool Japanese stlye living room and an arcade basement. Need to pay off more debts, but im on my way there.

    The thing that real put this over the edge was the fact that there are about 10 NES games in there somewhere. I love the classics and i can't wait to fill my basements with them.

    GBA linkability also comes, giving you a desert island with another holiday house on. Now with 2 houses to decorate, i've got work to do!

    Look past the cutesy appearence and you'll find a fun game, where the characters live with you, celebrating your birthday, Christmas, New years etc.
    No doubt, a classic, get it now!

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    A reason to own a GameCube.

    I imported this over a year ago and I still play it alot now. Basically, you move into the village (and 3 friends can too) and can then live your little virtual life how you want. You can go fishing, collect fossils, catch bugs, collect a specific series of furniture for your new house (which you can upgrade thoughout the game) play NES games (no need to buy the classic NES games on GBA, most of them are on here! And you can download them to your GBA if you want), or just chat to your neighbours and keep them happy by doing jobs for them. Everything in the game happens in real-time, so you get presents on your birthday and letters on valantines day etc. this all helps the lifespan of the game, as well as the way the seasons change and events occur like every week you can get a new song for your stereo from a visiting dog. Also, every town is randomly generated, so you can send your character to visit a friends memory card and look around/destroy their town and meet their villagers. The graphics are not very good, but they are cute and very individual (it is an N64 game after all), the sounds are good- the music changes regularly and the character voices are very good... Another good thing is that if you have a GBA, you can visit a desert island and your little house their or put up your own flag design (you can create this and other patterns for clothing, doors, and signposts). A lot of time can also be spent on the NES games, there are loads in here. Basically, I would definitely reccommend this game, its one of the few games I own that make me laugh at the script (its really well translated), and there is so much to to that you wont tire of it for ages.

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