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Tarzan And Jane [2002]
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List price: £19.99
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Average customer rating: 2.33 out of 5
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Sales rank: 7,263

Product Information

Media: DVD
ISBN/ASIN : B000069JE0
Manufacturer : Walt Disney Home Video
Release data : 22 July, 2002

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  • A selection of product reviews

    1 starNo starNo starNo starNo star    Tarzan & Jane - another poor sequel

    Tarzan & Jane, like Cinderella II, is a series of animated stories and not a feature-length film. Whilst Little Mermaid II and Lady & the Tramp II were essentially inverted remakes of the originals (Meoldy wants to be a mermaid as much as Ariel wanted to be human, and Scamp wants to be wild as much as Tramp became a house-dog), this latest serving from Disney house of re-makes copies the Cinderella II formula for providing short stories based on the Tarzan & Jane characters. The animation is not a patch on the original Tarzan film, and does spoil the film. But the worst thing about it is the fact that kids can watch better Tarzan animated episodes from Disney's weekend show, "Diggit". Having cost almost £15, it would have been better had Tarzan & Jane been a whole new, full-length story of the couple's adventures in the jungle. There is an abundance of new material for a new story-line, yet Disney have taken the easy way out in producing another sequel that will cost parents and leave families wondering if it was really worth it.

    1 star1 star1 star1 starNo star    Our 3 yr old son enjoyed the action

    The action in this movie kept the attention of a very active 3 yr old boy. There were gastly leopards and snapping alligators as well as a suspencful ride down a hill of hot lava. The story line was weak but it's simplicity is what makes it attractive to a 3 yr old.

    1 star1 starNo starNo starNo star    A poor sequel - AVOID......

    Tarzan had great animation and songs, a good storyline and stars to d othe voices. The animation in Tarzan and Jane is poor (a leaf shadow is used to give the impression of depth) and the storylines are terrible, especially the 3rd one which is appalling. Stay away to avoid disappointment.

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