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The A-Team - Vol. 3 [1983]
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List price: £9.99
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Average customer rating: 5 out of 5
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Sales rank: 3,518

Product Information

Media: DVD
ISBN/ASIN : B00005Y42U
Manufacturer : Playback
Release data : 18 March, 2002

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  • A selection of product reviews

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Classic stuff

    After (slightly) dipping with Volume 2, the third A-Team DVD collection recaptures the perfection of Volume One.
    ‘Bounty’ sees Murdock forcibly extracted from mental hospital by three hillbillies and a mute Native American intent on luring the rest of the A-Team out of hiding. In the ensuing goings on, Murdock falls in love with a veterinarian, nemesis Colonel Lynch gets hot on the trail and the usual spot of engineering proves to be the decisive factor. There are intentional laughs (B.A.’s concern for ‘crazy foo’ Murdock) and unintentional ones (some terrible lip-synching when Face takes over a DJ booth), the ideal balance for any A-Team episode.
    ‘Waste ‘Em!’ deals with the troubles of a, yep, Vietnam veteran and his blind sister, who are being threatened by sinister big business types. The title is a rather (cough) clever pun on the toxic waste the baddies intend to dump on the siblings’ site: as the A-Team proceeds to turn the tables and ‘waste’ the bad guys. Again, this is rollicking stuff. Face gets the blind sister in rather dubious fashion (it’s a case of ‘I’m attractive, so are you, therefore let’s get it on’) and gets to wield a flamethrower lit by one of Hannibal’s cigars. But stealing the show once again is B.A., who spectacularly destroys a window in more ways than one and even gives ‘Howlin’ Mad’ Murdock a taste of his own medicine!
    But the best is saved for last. ‘Black Day At Bad Rock’ dispenses with the usual expository material, as we see Hannibal and Face arrive in Bad Rock with a wounded and VERY angry B.A. in tow. It transpires that the town is under threat from some Hell’s Angels, so, after some initial mutual antagonism, the A-Team unite with local authorities to foil them. This time it’s Hannibal who gets some tongue action, and he orchestrates some rather ridiculous/ingenious plans. Despite his wound, B.A. is by no means compromised – and when ‘Crazy Foo’ Murdock has to donate blood to him, there are side-splittingly hilarious consequences.
    All in all, fantastic stuff.

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    A-Team Vol 3

    If you've bought the DVD you already know you're going to like it but this is an excellent trio: Bounty, Waste 'Em, and Black Day at Bad Rock.

    Bounty is very much a 'Murdock' episode and he gets time for a little romance as well as being kidnapped. Hannibal and the gang don't let anyone trap them, especially Decker.

    Waste 'Em - BA shows a sense of humour dealing with Murdock's sidekick is "Lefty". Face's turn for a little lurve.

    Black Day at Bad Rock - BA gets shot and only Murdock's crazy blood will do... And a little romance for Hannibal this time.

    Anyhow, Hannibal grins and schemes, Face scams, BA is the ultimate tough guy in gold jewellery and Murdock is just his fantastic crazy best. You know you want to watch this DVD!

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Consider Yourself Lucky

    I have been monitoring the web for a place to purchase the North American DVD versions (Region 1 format) of the A-Team and they are nowhere to be found. One of the all-time best TV series, you are quite lucky to have it available to you in Europe. Take advantage of it. If I can find a a DVD player capable of playing Region 1 and 2 formats, you'll have my order pronto.

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