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What Women Want
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Average customer rating: 3.33 out of 5
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Product Information

Media: VHS Tape
Manufacturer : Warner Home Video
Release data : 05 November, 2001

A selection of product reviews

1 star1 star1 star1 starNo star    What Women Want, or Don't Want. . .

Mel Gibson is a pretty funny guy. He plays the remarkably non-politically correct, perma-bachelor Nick Marshall. Nick feels betrayed by his boss, played by Alan Alda, and threatened by Darcy McGuire, played by Helen Hunt. Darcy is hired to fill the position of creative director at an advertising firm. This job was, in Nick's mind, his for the taking.

Now here's the twist. Nick, while intoxicated, was trying on pantyhose and a waxing his legs in an effort to get in to the minds of women. While doing this, he fell into the tub while holding a hairdryer. After he woke, he could hear the inner-most thoughts of all females. Be it a little girl, adult woman, and even a French poodle. This gives him the ability to steal the ideas straight out of the heads of women. He uses this to his advantage (after the shock of this "gift" wears off). But, while he was using this gift for all the wrong reasons, he develops a conscience.

This movie is rather amusing. Mr. Gibson is quite a capable actor. He works remarkably well in the romantic comedy genre. This movie was a pleasant surprise.


1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Fresh new idea, never tried before!

I thought that What Women want was a fresh new never done before movie. It was very funny with an unusual plot, but kept u gripped till the end. It is very unlike some of the recent movies such as Tomb Raider and Jurassic Park 3 which are are mainly based on gore and women running around in hardly any clothes. The storyline was well thought out and worked well even though it couldn't come true it did not seem that unbelievabe,Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson really made the film though. It is a definate must see its a film that you can watch again and again.

1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    A film for the girls

You knwo when your settling in for a girly night....this is the film for you.

a man every womens nightmare, cocky and chauvinistic finally gets what comming to him when he beggins to hear what women are thinking.

mel gibsons performance is fantastic and manages to get you to hate him at the beginging and then fall in love with him by the end! Mel Gibson is what women want, and Helen Hunt is what women want to be!

With fantastic comedy performances from marisa tomei and a camio by miss bett lynch this romantic comedy is a girls best friend.

nancy Meyers gives the film class and has an underlying layer of the old romantic films

classic film making and fantasic performances
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