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Rushmore [1999]
List price: £15.99
Our price: £3.98
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Average customer rating: 4.5 out of 5
1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star
Sales rank: 1084

Product Information

Media: DVD
Manufacturer : Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainm
Release data : 15 June, 2006

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  • A selection of product reviews

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Just perfect

    I found this film on VHS in my local bargain bin for £2, being a sort of on the spot compulsive buyer, I went for it.

    As soon as 'Making Time' by Creation came on during the opening montage i knew i was going to love this film. The characters and interplay between them is superb (my particular favourite is the awkwardness between Ms.Cross and Max Fischer) and in my opinion, this is Bill Murray at his best (even better than lost in translation which I thought was brilliant).

    The soundtrack is great, even the smallest cameos are well performed, and the director's idiosyncratic style shines through; if anything with more swagger and fun than any of his other films I've seen.

    1 starNo starNo starNo starNo star    Unwatchable

    I love pretentious films but I find Wes Anderson self-indulgent and unfunny. I didn't know that this film was done by the Tenenbaums director, but the style soon gave it away. I really tried to like Max, the high school plonker, but I found the whole scenario unconvincing and tedious.

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    ooh la la

    I completely love this film and never get tired of watching it. Its one of the most charming and engaging things I've ever seen. All the performances are fantastic, from Bill Murray's jaded industrialist (his 'I'm a little lonely these days' line is heartrending!) to Dirk Calloway's faultless comic turn as Max's sidekick. I also think Jason Schwartzman is incredible as Max, and i was so surprised to hear it was his debut performance. It could be easy to dislike Max but the way Schwartzman plays it, Max is just totally endearing and hilarious. You can't help but root for him.
    The film is different and has an absurd slant, but not self-conciously so, which I feel the life aquatic and the royal tennabaums suffered from. The plot flows very well in Rushmore whereas I feel in the other two the narrative is hampered by the style. However here Anderson creates an incredibly stylish film with a great plot and dialogue. Everytime you watch it you notice another detail that you hadn't before. Its a great take on relationships and is unashamedly nostalgic and romantic, but somehow not in a cheesy way. Max gradually coming to terms with the reality of his own life, and his acceptance of his father, whilst still retaining all that ambition to create the 'best play ever man' just touches you and makes you feel all warm inside. The soundtrack is also perfectly judged and has some great tracks on it - I can't even listen to the Faces - Ooh la la anymore without thinking of that incrdible slow-mo last scene and getting a bit misty eyed.
    So in conclusion - you should buy it. Its an amazing work of art and i wish all films were like this!

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