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The Nazis - A Warning From History [1997]
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Product Information

Media: VHS Tape
Manufacturer : BBC
Release data : 02 February, 1998

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    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    A very important record to keep in mind

    This series, now shown 3 years ago still sticks in my mind as one of the profound documentaries I have ever seen. The 'Warning from History' is the story of a highly civilised democracy that turned into a violent military state. The warning lies in the fact that these events are not as much in history as we may like to tell ourselves for two main reasons. Firstly, it's not that long ago - many of the unrepentant interviewees who supported the fascist regime are alive and well and happy to discuss their feelings of the time. Secondly, they are ordinary members of society who were caught up in series of events that best served them as individuals and threatened them if they resisted. As ordinary selfish individuals, they responded and went along with the mainstream, ignoring the realities they did not like in the interests of their own survival. By mixing personal, sociological and historical vews, the history comes frighteningly into the present. We all live in a society on this knife edge. If we too were brutalised and threatened, we could and would turn on eachother to ensure our own survival. This video should be bought, remembered and shown to the next generation

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    A searing indictment of man's potential for unhumanity

    This series provides exactly what the title suggests, a warning to subsequent generations of how a group such as the nazis can subvert the large part of a nation. This message is as important now as ever. This series should be standard viewing for all school children so that they may learn also learn the lesson of allowing a charismatic figure such as Adolf Hitler to provide solutions that require easy scapegoats; as indeed the Jews were in this case. The suffering endured by the Russians is also remarkably palpable.

    Unfortunately, it seems, the warning is easily forgotten (as recent events in the Balkans show).

    Television as powerful and as informative as this is all too rare in an age where we tend to be obsessed by modern gadgetary and techniques. This series provides a truly memorable tour de force using the testimony of victims and oppressors alike. As would be expected, the futility of a war such as that which occurred between 1939-45 is all too apparent.

    Dr. Steve McCabe

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Hauntingly Brilliant

    The Nazi's - A Warning From History is one which i only saw in its entirety this year on UK History. I found it an engrossing and fascinating series. From the outset the brilliant music featured in the credits create in the viewers mind a programme that is going to convey a story that is perhaps unsurpassed in its horror and of historys' main role as being teacher for us in the present and future.

    The programme itself keeps the right balance on information, making very effective use of documents and eye witness testimony, explaining very effectively how the Nazi's came to power, and although we now view it as an evil regime, one witness at the time said it was 'paradise'. It weaves a story together that appears seamless and interlinked, tying events that occured in chance meeting between Hitler with a Nazi official or his recieving a letter asking for permission to get rid of a disabled child, and how these in turn led to the various events and policy of Nazi Germany.

    Its a rare and powerful documentary that is still as watchable 7 years on. Thoroughly recommended to those with even a passing interest in history and perhaps as a reminder to those who believe that as a species humans are advanced as we really think. This will make you think again.

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