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Babylon 5 - Vol. 4 - The War Prayer / And The Sky Full Of Stars [1994]
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Product Information

Media: VHS Tape
Manufacturer : Warner Home Video
Release data : 14 August, 1995

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    1 star1 star1 star1 starNo star    One great episode, one not so good

    The first episode, "The War Prayer", is about racist attacks on the alien population of Babylon 5. This episode is really an examination of racial prejudice and isolationism, and works perfectly well. It also serves to set up the story arc of these xenophobic attitudes that are growing on Earth and amongst many humans. This is the building block for one of the series' long running story arcs.

    The premise and moral is driven home a little too hard at times, but fortunately it is interrupted with some brief insights into Londo, Kosh, and Ivanava which are interesting and refreshing. Certainly not one of the best episodes of the series, but it serves a purpose.

    The second episode, "And the Sky Full of Stars", is the real highlight. Guest stars Judson Scott and Christopher Neame place Sinclair in a virtual reality cybernet (an idea that pre-dates The Matrix), to find out what happened to him during the Battle of the Line.

    This episode is one of the keys to the overall story arc. It is also an in depth look into Sinclair's character through his experiences. The revelations as to what happened to him on the line are incredibly exciting and entertaining, and while the story answers a few questions, it poses several more.

    "And the Sky Full of Stars" stands out as one of the best episodes of the first season, and the video is worth getting for this one alone.

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