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Of Mice And Men [1992]
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Product Information

Media: VHS Tape
Manufacturer : MGM Home Ent. (Europe) Ltd.
Release data : 01 February, 2000

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    1 star1 star1 star1 starNo star    Faithful to the book

    It's amazing that apart from an early 80s TVM, this was only the second film version of this classic Steinbeck novel (the first was in 1939).

    Gary Sinise doesn't quite overcome the main 'flaw' of the book - if George is so clever, how come he is an itinerant farm worker - but his performance is very good.

    If anything, John Malkovich is even better. I've always tended to think of Malkovich as tall and quite thin. In this, he appears to be immensely tall and built like a tank. It may be that he wears padding and Herman Munster built-up shoes, but I reckon he just 'acts big'. Impressive.

    If you are studying the book for GCSE (as my son is) be careful of two points. Firstly, the importance and prominence of the character of Slim is played down - possibly because Sinise directed and produced the film and naturally emphasised his own part or possibly because it was felt that cinema audiences couldn't cope with 'joint heroes'.

    Secondly the scene with Crooks has been changed significantly. In the book it involves Lennie, Candy and Curly's wife. In the film it is only Lennie and Crooks (the weakest performance, in my opinion) and some of Curly's wife's lines from this chapter appear in a separate scene with Lennie and George.

    Otherwise it is a faithful interpretation of the book and you should find it helpful.

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    A Brilliant Adaptation of an Amazing Classic

    This isn't just a wonderful portrayal of John Steinbeck's masterpiece; it's a wonderful film in general. "Of Mice and Men" is a marvelous picture that plays on all of our emotions and hits all of the crucial notes.

    The movie is about two men who travel together all the time, hoping to own an acre of land and a nice home they can call their own. George is a smart man who always seems to have things figured out. Lennie is a giant with a mind of a young child. George looks after him, but it is not easy. Lennie always seems to get himself in some kind of trouble, and George is always the one who has to help him out. The two eventually land jobs on a ranch, hoping to make enough money to make their dreams come true. But that might be difficult when Lennie once again gets the two in serious trouble.

    The movie is directed by Gary Sinise, who does a spectacular job of bringing Steinbeck's wonderful novel to life. Just from seeing this movie alone, I think he has nothing but talent when it comes to sitting in the director's chair. He really should direct more. Also, he is a great actor, and plays the role of George flawlessly. He's about everything I envisioned when reading the book.

    John Malkovich plays Lennie, and does an outstanding job at doing so. I sort of had my doubts at first, because I thought of Lennie as a giant, and Malkovich didn't seem like a giant to me. Well, when I was watching the movie, that all changed. He did the part justice. It's a crime that he didn't win anything for his role (or at least nothing I am aware of.)

    The movie stays very true to the book. Sure, as always, there are things removed or added. Mostly, there are things added because the novel is so short, they needed to add things to make the movie longer. Everything that was added worked and stayed true to the original story. And in all honesty, I think the way the ending is presented in the film really works and captures the tone perfectly.

    "Of Mice and Men" is a spectacular movie that should've won a couple of Academy Awards. Everything about this film was outstanding. It is one I will watch over and over again. If you loved the book, chances are you will love the movie. And if you haven't read the book.....the more reason to see it.

    1 star1 star1 star1 starNo star    More of a man than a mouse

    Of Mice And Men the movie had a hell of a lot to live up to, in the shadow of its novel parent. Steinbeck wrote a story intending to comment on the views of America in terms of race and prejudice at the time. In light of this, however, the film does a pretty good job. Gary Sinise, who both stars in and directs the film, is perfect for the role of George. He plays the character just as he is described in the book-a hard, bitter man, not really letting the audience or his best friend Lenny see his true colours. That said, he cannot help but stand in the shadow of John Malkovich's stunning portrayal of Lenny. Malkovich develops Lenny to a point where the audience feels the injustice of the treatment he receives. We want it all to work out in the end. We feel every inch of Lenny's emotions, from excitement to desperate fear, to his huge love and respect for George, and this is to Malkovich's credit. Both actors give a strong and powerful performance, strengthened by both the actors supporting them and the excellent story of Steinbeck's.
    Although, of course, the messages and intention of Steinbeck's original story have been diluted, they are still wonderfully highlighted by the film. The plight of both Curley's wife and the black stable buck is painfully revealed to us, as is George's cold and dark attitude to those who treat Lenny with malice or fear. Personally, I thought Curley's wife was a bit 'off' in terms of how she appears in the film and how she is presented in the book. Of course, if you are not looking to compare the two (and the film stands on its own even without the novel) the portrayal of Curley's wife is strong, and we feel her struggle as she lives her life in a place she clearly hates.
    The closing scenes are utterly emotive, and we get to see just how deeply the relationship between George and Lenny runs. Both Sinise and Malkovich play these scenes hauntingly well, and if the intention of the director is to be fulfilled, you will be reaching for the tissues as plenty of personal questions are raised.
    I thought that this was a very good film, doing both the novelist and all of the actors tied to the story, a very great credit.

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