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List price: £7.99
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Average customer rating: 4.74 out of 5
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Product Information

Media: Audio CD
Manufacturer : Fiction
Release data : 13 August, 1992

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    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    "It touches my complete pattern of senses"

    Disintegration is the perfect Cure-album for me.
    When I first bought this in februari 2000 (it was 'cheap' at the time!!!) I went home immediately for playing together with my new rabbit Nijntje. It was a saturday in late february and I was a cure-fan since the beginning but wasn't able to buy (all of) the albums. I only have a few ones like Staring at the sea, Galore, Bloodflowers (which is great also AND the reason why I bought Disintegration). When I first heared Plainsong, it made me so emotional that I almost cried for 5 minutes, just enough to go on with Pictures of you which did the same to me. Closedown is an understandable follow-up of the first two and Lovesong, Last dance, Lullaby and Fascination street are contenders in their own right. The whole mood of the album is so fine-glued together and when you play Prayers for rain, you get the impression that Robert Smith was going though a hard time in 1989 (when the album came out, actually). Just the same reason for The same deep water as you: This is, for me personally, the third 'beauty' on the album (after Plainsong, Pictures of you) which can't fail in my eyes. Some 'aggression' in Disintegration and then back to the moodier ones of Homesick and Untitled. This album is like a fine "wintercoat" which you can wear and will protect you from the, sometimes, "bad world" around you. If you're a pop-music lover and don't own this album (yet), don't be ashamed of yourself, but please buy it tomorrow and God will forgive you for not having this one in your collection already!!!
    It's also an album you don't 'share' with others than yourself if you will keep it personal, because all the songs are so very private.
    I ranked this album in my personal top 3 of all time. Disintegration ===>>> what you see is what you get.........................................
    Lucas Lefel

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Cure at the top of their musical rollercoaster

    Just started listening to the Cure after seeing them appear on Johnathon Ross (so im quite a new fan myself) and everywhere ive looked, disintegration seems to be hailed as the masterpiece record of the cure's near three decade reign, from both fans and critics alike. Well theyre not wrong, this album is nothing short of pure genious and has redefined my definition of what in fact pure genious is. Every track is unique and has a quite personalised touch to it, bringing out the emotion in the listening, great work on keyboards and keyboards throughout especially. Every track is a great on this album but my standout favourites are "Plainsong", "Lullaby(damn cool)", "Pictures of You" and "Fascination Street". I was impressed when hearing Lullaby that the drums sounded much better on this version compared to the greatest hits version, which is still great anyway. I hope to get a few more Cure records soon, and see what this "Trilogy" theory with the records "Pornography", "Disintegration" and "Bloodflowers" is all about. Well done Robert and the boys on some top class stuff. The new record is awesome in it's own right too!

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    The Best Cure Album Ever

    Disintegration is by far the best Cure album. The first three songs, Plainsong, Pictures Of You and Closedown, are so emotional I can't listen to them without crying. Lovesong is a really gorgeous song written by Robert Smith as a wedding present for his wife. Last Dance is very mysterious, as is Lullaby. Fascination Street is one of the darker songs on the album, and Prayers For Rain and The Same Deep Water As You both have a sort of quiet and subtle desperation, whereas Disintegration is a much more obvious, tearing desperation. Homesick and Untitled are quite gentle songs that round off the album perfectly. If you are a Cure fan and you don't have this, what are you doing without it?! I'd recommend it to any Cure fan.

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