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Average customer rating: 5 out of 5
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Sales rank: 318,802

Product Information

Media: Audio CD
ISBN/ASIN : B000024811
Manufacturer : Young God
Release data : 27 July, 1995

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  • Styles - Indie - Bestsellers

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    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    DARK, POWERFUL MUSIC

    This live album kicks off with the swirling vortex of sound that is Mother's Milk, a real tour de force with its driving beat and macabre lyrics in Jarboe's haunting voice. In it's dark cadences, it sounds like the fierce conclusion of an occult ritual. (You'll find the soft version of this song on The Great Annihilator). On Pow R Sac Gira employs his voice as one of the instruments to create a pulsating, droning sound collage where the drums lead the way to dramatic shifts in direction. The hypnotic but uplifting instrumental Will Serve follows, sounding to me like Popol Vuh with a rock attitude. A beautiful melody and Gira's uncharacteristically soothing voice introduce Her, until these are rudely interrupted by a violent instrumental break which then fades into a recording of a teenage girl talking about her friend Charly against a spooky electronic background and a radio playing. Do I hear Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl" in the background? This version continues the teenager's conversation from the studio version on Love Of Life. From brown eyed girls to Black Eyed Dog, as the band turns Nick Drake's melancholy classic into a fiery rock anthem. It differs from the studio version on Ten Songs For Another World in its lack of the electronic barking sounds but makes up for that in intensity and gusto. Love Of Life appears in an extended, more "Wagnerian" version with impressive new rhythmic textures, majestic in its guitar drone and flashing cymbals. Other highlights include Other Side Of The World and God Loves America. This great album is a precious consolation to those who never saw Swans live. And such strong material must of course, be well packaged - between Larry Lamé's enigmatic nature goddess on the front cover and Deryk Thomas' malevolent bunny on the back lies a strange, beautiful world of music. Do not deny it to yourself.

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