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Philosophy of the World
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Product Information

Media: Audio CD
Manufacturer : RCA
Release data : 23 February, 1999

A selection of product reviews

1 star1 star1 star1 starNo star    Where is Foot Foot?

If you find yourself being bored with pop, annoyed by Nu-Metal, sick of whiney Indie, hate Dance & wonder what is happening with modern music in general, buy this. The Shaggs deliver a slice of fresh sounding, late 1960s, innocent Teen-Angst & a very alternative approach to music.
On first listen, they just seem to be making a disorganized racket but their inner logic & weird melodies soon come shining through the chaos (just don't expect musical virtuosity). This album is a rare gem to be treasured by anyone with an open mind or ataste for avant garde.

1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    The Shaggs are truly unforgettable

This album has passed into legend and now it's widely available on CD after it's re-release in the mid 90's. Most people know the story of the Shaggs - their Father practically forced the girls to form a band despite a total lack of musical ability. They recorded this album in the 1960's despite protests of the studio engineer that they weren't ready to record. Most copies disappeared and were impossible to find until the reissue. Frank Zappa liked them. This is the original first album on CD and it is the best release out of all to buy. Their later albums an compilations include more polished songs which spoil a lot of the appeal.

What does Philosophy of the World sound like? It sounds bad. Really Really dreadfully bad. The guitars are always out of tune and follow little discernable pattern, the vocals are deadpan in grating strong New England American accents, and the drummer doesn't seem to manage to drum in time once on the whole album. At first it sounds like a complete mess of atonal droning sounds. You have to forget about standard convention when you listen to this album. There are songs about the girl's parents and their cat called Foot Foot. My sister is still convinced that the album is a hoax and the girls on the cover are really men in drag.

The album is a big grower, the melodies are hummable and the lyrics are uplifting and full of hope. The Shaggs often wrote sad songs but they never give up hope. The whole album is full of naive charm and it makes me feel happy to listen to it. Every song has the purity of emotion and simple feeling behind it. Whether you like or hate this album it's well worth listening to because it really is truly unforgettable.

Some people get into this album because they decide that it is a radical new musical experimentation in the mould of microtonal music or free jazz such as Ornette Coleman. I disagree, they are simply a band who REALLY can't play. But the Shaggs are real and honest and they offer more passion and soul than the manufactured and overproduced music made today. This childish & shambollic incompetence has become more popular over the years with bands like Half Japanese or Beat Happening doing similar things. This album could be said to have invented lo fi indie music many years ago.

Whatever you think, listen to this album. It's totally unique and no on else will ever sound like the Shaggs, or make an album like Philosophy of the World. This is a beautiful uplifting experience and it's an album to be treasured.

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