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Boxed-Comp Works of Francis a
~Francis A. Schaeffer
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Product Information

Media: Paperback
ISBN/ASIN : 0891073310
Manufacturer : Crossway Books
Release data : February, 1985

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    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    All with a ring of True Truth

    This collection will break through your clouded perception of the world, and make sense of it and God too! Francis Schaeffer was the greatest of modern times philosophers, and he had a passion to communicate what he had discovered, whether it was about God, history, art or popular culture. There is no way to communicate how much he affected many Christians, and other thinkers too, and I feel that if his messages had really been believed, then there would be many more educated Christians able to communicate their beliefs to people with REAL objections. The love of logic as the basis for all our lives is his fundamental argument, and just that message blows a massive hole in the current relativistic culture that surrounds us all over the globe now. Yet these things were written decades ago, and Schaeffer appears to have the insight of a prophet in knowing the way western culture would go. Sadly many of his predictions for the death of our culture and society have occurred. That does not in any way reduce the value of his works, as they just do not date. Of course he refers to films and books of his time, but the same principles apply to later expressions of weatern culture.

    After reading the various works of Schaeffers, you feel ready and armed to face the suicidal tendencies of our culture, and prepared to minister a counselling ear and a rebuking message to snap people out of their lemming-like distruction. I love the way he takes the modern world that we so often think we have created, and deconstructs it within its historical roots, and shows that the cause of our pain and disintegrating culture is due to the false beliefs and corrupt philosophies that our culture absorbed (unchecked) long ago. The remady he proposes is to understand the roots of those beliefs and the absolutes that we can take to arm ourselves and counter the falsehoods. It's all what he calls "true truth".

    I was particularly impressed with what he said years ago about the environment, and how pollution of it has begun because of corrupted Christian beliefs.... This is a brave view, that so many other Christians would be afraid to voice, but Schaeffer goes further, he supplies the way ahead without shame, pinning himself fervently to the absolutes of the universe, even if that causes offence. And yet he does not give offence, because he is willing to dialogue with each and every comer, on whatever subject. In a nutshell, he stakes his life beliefs on whether or not they can be supported logically, a rare quality in any author. In that way he openly challenges the reader to disprove the existence of God, and the life of Jesus, and Jesus' teaching and..and many more things that used to be the foundation of western culture.

    What Fracis Schaeffer did for the defence of Christian beliefs will live on into this century and out-live the present post-modern confusion. In some ways he predicted the fall of communism...These works are not dealing with small subjects!

    All in all a must for anyone with any hunger after truth and understanding of the world we presently dwell in.

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    For a balanced fundamental view of Christianity read on

    I have been reading this guy for almost 26 years of my Christian experience. He appeals to both artisan and scholar. He is not scared to be known as a pre-millenialist and even gives room for the so called "gap theory" in his study of cosmogony. But he strongly rejects "theistic evolution and any other form of evolution. Most importantly of all, he is Cross centered and recognises the Cross of Jesus is the only answer to the awful truth of the fallenness of man, this is reflected throughout all his books, brought together here in five volumes.

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