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Spiritual Warfare
~Derek Prince
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Product Information

Media: Paperback
ISBN/ASIN : 0883686708
Manufacturer : Whitaker House
Release data : September, 2001

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1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Put on the whole armor

Derek Prince retells us in a very concise manner that which Scripture says in that "we struggle not against flesh and blood but against...the spiritual forces of evil..." While giving a 10,000 ft overview of the devil and his fallen angels, he spends the majority of the 137 pages talking about the every day practical preparation a believer under goes to suit up with the whole armor of God. He encourages the believer once equipped to not remain defensive but take back ground in enemy occupied territory. He reminds us that the devil is content when the believer leaves him alone. But Derek challenges us to not put down our sword, the Word of God and our Testimony. Instead, we need an offensive strategy to methologically invade his territory reclaiming it piece by piece.

This is a very practical presentation for teen youth, young adults, and new believers. It is a reminder of the basics for the seasoned believer.

1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    The battle for your mind are you ready?

This is a small book, 137 pages, full of scripture and explanation on how to fight the spiritual battle for the mind. The reader is given hope. Hope as defined on page 79,"Hope is a quiet, steady expectation of good based on the promises of God's Word...Hope is an optimistic attitude that always chooses to see the best and will not give way to depression, doubt, and self-pity." God's Word - the Truth - is hope for us all. God's Word is what Jesus used to rebuke Satan when He was tempted. If it is correct for Jesus, it is correct for us.

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