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Blade Runner [Director's Cut] [1982] (REGION 1) (NTSC)
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Media: DVD
ISBN/ASIN : 0790729628
Manufacturer : Warner Home Video
Release data : 26 March, 1997

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  • A selection of product reviews

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Despite the lack of extras, a five star DVD

    Despite the plethora of reviews of this brilliant movie I’ve decided to add mine as this is one of my favourite films. “Bladerunner” is one of those films that seems to have passed from being a mere film into something of a cultural icon. Under appreciated on its original release, it is now rightly considered to be a seminal work, hugely influential, not only one of the greatest science fiction films of all time, but one of the greatest films of all time.
    I had the pleasure of seeing “Bladerunner” in the cinema on its original release and the outstanding visual impact of the film (Its miniature cityscapes still blow away any C.G.I. Of a similar nature) and its central themes of love and essentially what it is to be human were something I had never seen so poetically approached in cinema before. When the directors cut was released without the unnecessary voice-over and the tacked on happy ending (All originally inserted by a panicking studio) the film was improved. Prior to this it was a very ,very good film. Now it was a masterpiece.
    Like all great sci-fi “Blade runner “says more about humanity than any number of romantic comedies and psychological thrillers. The replicants attempts to avert their shortened life-span is a very human reaction and Rachel’s gradual realisation of her replicant origins and the lie of her implanted family history is akin to someone being told they are adopted and have terminal cancer at the same time. These beings like us, indeed like any life form just want to live free of fear and supplication, as free sentient beings. Their struggle is one that resonates through human history but the story’s central premise that we have created a slave race to lord it over is chilling and horribly plausible.
    The much debated unicorn dream of Deckard’s is interesting but is irrelevant to the movies narrative, after all no one in the film wants to die wether they are human or replicant.Though it is worth noting that if he is indeed a replicant it gives him a synchronicity with Rachel that could explain why they are drawn so irresistibly to each other.
    I’ve watched this film more time than I’ve watched any other and it never fails to impress and fascinate. The acting is uniformly terrific and the casting is spot on, particularly Rutger Hauer as Roy who imbibes the part with a steely moral determination but in the sublime death scene endows him with a dignity and humanity beyond any other character in the film. The ending is now suitably ambiguous, leaving the lovers fate in the air and a further tantalising clue to Deckard’s origins. The Vangelis soundtrack is superb, it could have been a soulless clunking nightmare but like the film it looks beyond the sum of the machine to peer into the heart of the sentient being within and adds another layer of emotional resonance.
    The films final message that all of us hold memories that are unique to us and that all life is precious is of universal relevance and resonates loudly down the years as the world continues to crackle with the tragedy of continuing conflict. A must see movie, a stunning DVD.Unmissable.

    1 star1 star1 star1 starNo star    If movies could be supermodels, this would be Claudia S !

    I've always said you can switch-off the sound and still find a Ridley Scott film a beautiful experience, just watching the images.

    Ridley Scott's 2nd sci-fi feature is just such a film. With the aid of Douglas Trumbell's visual effects and a fabulously dark LA futurescape design element (not to mention Vangelis's haunting score), Scott manages to portray a distopian, corporately-dominated future full of rich neon cityscapes, whilst the stone is turned at street level to reveal a dark societal underbelly of crime and violence.

    Harrison Ford, Sean Young and Rutger Hauer all put in decent performances in their respective parts, but one can't help thinking that Scott was restrictive in their character development, and everything appears overly-slow and lethargic (although Scott's intention was never an action movie, more an explanation of the right to exist).

    Given the vast overall complexity of Scott's Blade Runner project and his occasionally manic attention to detail, it's a small wonder (with all the noted production difficulties and 'on-set' personality clashes) that this fantastic movie was ever released. It was a surprise summer '82 flop, although releasing it at around the same time as Spielberg's 'ET' was always going to be its deathwish. ET delighted the kids (me included at the time !), but Blade Runner is now rightfully credited as 'the' defining sci-fi movie of the 1980's.

    1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star    Ridley Scotts true vision - An absolute must on DVD !

    Based on the novel, "Do androids dream of electric sheep ? ", by the late and great author Phillip K Dick, Bladerunner, the directors cut is finally given a DVD release. It is films like this that really show off the quality of the format, and give viewers a 'close to cinema' experience.

    The directors cut is the restored version of this Ridley Scott classic and no longer has the aweful voice over which the studio forced him to add.

    The all important dream sequence has been restored which is the key to the story, in which Harrisson fords character dreams of unicorns. At the close of the film we see the police officer leaving a unicorn made of paper to indicate to Ford's character that they know his most private of thoughts. This inevitably indicates, like the book, that Ford's charachter is also a replicant.

    The film ends with the air of uncertainty, as in the book, rather than the ridiculous happy nonsense that was included in the origional release at the studio's request.

    The Vangellis sountrack is retained and is as fresh as ever, and if you have a dolby system attached to your DVD, you wont be dissapointed.

    In summary this film is a complex journey which can be watched over and over making it collectable. Each time you watch it you will pick up somthing new with either Ridley scott's distopian vision or Phillip K Dicks beautifully crafted story. After so many years this film still has much to offer and has been waiting for DVD to give it the ultimate home presentation.

    See it as it was intended!

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