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Angels and Demons
~Dan Brown
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List price: £6.99
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Average customer rating: 3.75 out of 5
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Sales rank: 43

Product Information

Media: Paperback
ISBN/ASIN : 0552150738
Manufacturer : Corgi Adult
Release data : July, 2003

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  • A selection of product reviews

    1 star1 star1 starNo starNo star    Angelas and Damons

    As with all of Dan Brown's books this is an intelligent, well-researched and fast-paced thriller that is difficult to put down. Unfortunately, where he excels in researching art and Church history for example, he fails miserably in his attempts to make any character appear un-American. Italian heroine, Vittoria Vetra, often curses or thinks in her own language but her expressions are clearly American ones literally translated. Harder to swallow were the names of the BBC reporter and his camera woman. It's amazing how such a minor flaw can spoil your enjoyment of a book. Angels and Demons is not quite as good as the Da Vinci Code and far more annoying. It also wanders perilously close to the completely unbelievable, particularly towards the end.

    1 star1 star1 star1 starNo star    Good but not the best...

    Having read the Da Vinci code and being utterly infatuated by it i took it upon myself to check out Dan Browns other books. I was a little dissapointed by this one as the story seemed to use the same plot as the Da Vinci Code and same types of characters ie: a smart, sexy young woman who has lost a close family member who also happens to be a genius.

    The character of Robert Langdon also seemed to be a cross between Indiana Jones and Sherlock holmes, he could figure out absolutly anyting but also escape the jaws of death on more than one occassion.

    it would only be fair to say i didn't enjoy this book as much as the others but it is definitely worth a read because dan Brown truely shows how much research and effort he puts into his books, they are truely magnificent at times. you may also find yourself realising a few facts about history and the vatican you never knew.

    1 star1 star1 starNo starNo star    Too similar to the Da Vinci Code

    I'd guess that, like myself, most people will have read the Da Vinci code before reading Dan Brown's other works. Reading "Angels & Demons" gave me a strange sense of Deja Vu- despite some differences the plot is just too similar for me to really praise it.

    Like the "Da Vinci Code" Harvard symbologists Robert Langdon is alerted to a savage and ritualistic murder by a mysterious phone call (in this case rather than being in the Louvre with the body laid out like a Leonardo art work, the body is in CERN's lab in Geneva & is branded "Illuminati"). He's instantly picks up a token female companion and is plunged into a race against time to stop the destruction of the Vatican. Rather than being pursued by an homocidal albino monk round Paris's catholic churches he's pursued by a homocidal Arab "Hassasin" round Rome's catholic churches. Rather than solving complex puzzles hidden in Leonardo da Vinci's paintings he solves complex puzzles hidden in Bernini's sculptures. You get the idea.....

    Like the Da Vinci code this is a real-page turner with endless mini-cliffhangers. This makes it very easy to put down & pick up again and also means you don't have to concentrate too hard on remembering intricate plot details. However like the Da Vinci code you have to remember that this a work of fiction and suspend the rational part of your mind. Just because there really is/was a secret society called "the Illuminati" doesn't mean that they have really infiltrated Europe's major scientific & financial centres with the sole aim of destroying the catholic church. Dan Brown's conspiracy theory is based on some very flimsy historical evidence & some dodgy literal interpretations of latin mottos. Put bluntly if you believe the claims in this book, you'll believe David Icke's claim that George W Bush is a shapeshifting lizard dedicated to creating a new world order and that we should all wear turquoise shell suits!

    Treat this book as a no-brains thriller to read on the train & you'll probably love it. Treat it as a serious analysis of religious symbology or an accurate account of the relationship between church & science and you're in deep trouble. Personally I enjoyed it, but felt that various traitors within the Vatican and the "good guys who are actually Illuminati members" are too easy to spot. Likwise you can see when Langdon is going to have his next near-death encounter a mile off. This book is good, but not great.

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