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The LogosWord Website

About the LogosWord Website

This website was designed and built by W.M.R Simpson, author of LogosWord and other RISC OS Bible study programs.

Bible Study

The LogosWord website provides numerous electronic resources for Bible study, including
  • Bible translations
  • Greek texts
  • commentaries
  • dictionaries
  • lexicons
  • cross-references
etc. along with software to utilise this vast wealth of information. The software is designed for the RISC OS operating system, and will not run on a PC unless you have a copy of VirtualAcorn installed. VirtualAcorn allows you to run 'Acorn' software with version 3.11 of RISC OS, and is available at a very affordable price from 3DQ.

Christian Bookstore

The LogosWord Website has also been amassing an ever-increasing selection of good Christian books in its webstore, from systematic theology to science fiction and fantasy!

Final comments

The author of LogosWord hopes you find these resources useful and that they will help you in your studies. If you have the means and would like to help the author in his studies, he has prepared a book 'wish list' at which you can browse. Click here. Thank you! :-)