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The LogosWord Bible Software Suite

Snapshots of LogosWord in Action

A snapshot of the Bible Browser displaying the fourth chapter of Romans in two translations. The user has currently selected the 24th verse.
This picture features the Greek/Hebrew lexicon displaying the Greek word for 'angel'. Using the lexicon facility, the user can search the whole New Testament for every occurence of this word (and its context).
In this clip, the Greek interlinear text is featured in the second column. The user is about to compare all the translations entries for Rev 1:5.
This is the search facility. The user has searched the whole New Testament for every instance of the word 'love'. The results box lists all the verses in which this word appears, and allows the user to quickly examine the broader biblical context.
A commentary has been selected in this snapshot, and the user is doing a 'verse preview' on one of the scripture references.