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Joe Mcintyre

This paper was written by Joe Mcintyre.


Joe McIntyre is the President of the International Fellowship of Ministries.

Originally published in Refleks 1-1 (2002). Included by permission.

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Articles > Charismatic Theology > Healing In Redemption

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Why Isn’t There More Healing?


If what I am saying is correct, the question might be asked, “Why then don’t we see more healing? You say Christ has provided it, then why do so many not respond to prayer?”

An illustration: There have been seasons in the history of the Church when the Church failed to preach a gospel of regeneration. The new birth was not proclaimed and therefore only a few entered into that experience. Other ideas were substituted for the teaching concerning regeneration. Faith comes by hearing the word of God. When the word is not preached clearly, people have no basis for faith. Given the prejudice against healing and the influence of Greek thought to downplay the importance of the physical it is no wonder that many fail to appropriate healing. No basis for confidence in the will of God concerning healing has been given to most of the Church. We can only trust God for the things we know He wants us to have. Traditions have muddied the waters around healing.


Those who have proclaimed healing in the atonement the loudest have sometimes burdened the sick ones with more guilt about being sick. In their zeal to defend what they perceive to be an important Bible truth, they have offered no comfort to those who, for whatever reason, are not healed. This of course, is not helpful. But neither is maintaining an incorrect view of the scriptures in order to justify our experience. So often God’s sovereignty is offered as the answer when we don’t experience the things promised by the word. “God is sovereign over His sovereignty” someone said. (Whatever that means!)  Charles Spurgeon said “Before he pledged his word he was free to do as it pleased him; but after he has made a promise, his truth and honour bind him to do as he has said. To him, indeed, this is no limiting of his liberty; for the promise is always the declaration of his sovereign will and good pleasure, and it is ever his delight to act according to his word; yet is it marvelous condescension for the fee spirit of the Lord to form for itself covenant bonds. Yet he hath done so”(my italics).[xxvii]


Critics of divine healing often phrase the debate in terms that don’t reflect the nature of the debate. “These people who teach that healing is guaranteed by the atonement… many of them are sick, etc. etc.” Healing is not guaranteed by the atonement, it is provided by the atonement. Overcoming the obstacles to receiving is another whole subject. We could ask “is sanctification guaranteed by the atonement? Is forgiveness of sins guaranteed by the atonement?” We would have to respond that yes, they are provided by the atonement (ideally), but that is no guarantee that all will appropriate them.  Does God will us to appropriate the forgiveness and sanctification that His Son has provided? Undoubtedly. But walking in forgiveness and living a holy life involve many factors. The fact that God has provide these things in Christ and his finished work is a great starting place upon which to look for further light in regard to forgiveness and sanctification.


In regard to divine healing we must first settle the question as to it being provided in the atonement. That will give us a basis for further understanding. What is provided for by the atonement is the will of God. Then we can move on to the question of a healthy approach to growing in faith to receive the provided healing.


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Julius k.Campbell
Saturday 06th of August 2005

Yourmessage on Divine healing is abousolutetly 100%right keep on the good of God the father and ourLORD JESUS CHRIST.Ithank God for giving you HIS Spirit of wisdom and revealation knowledge of Him. Keep on the good work for the LORD JESUSCHRST he reward in heaven . God bless you. AMEN! Your fellow worker in the LORD. Healing evangelist.

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