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Jon Ruthven

This paper was written by Jon Ruthven.

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Jon Ruthven is a Professor of Systematic Theology at Regent University School of Divinity, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Included with the author's permission.

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Articles > Charismatic Theology > Can a Charismatic Theology be Biblical?

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Summary and Conclusions

    One expression of the abandonment of old liberalism after WW I was the emergence of the biblical theology movement, which strove to allow the biblical text a voice in naming its own message and the categories for arranging it. Despite its noble intent, and often radically fresh insights into the scriptures, the movement retained many traditional biases. Indeed, even today, the more traditionally conservative the author, the more closely the categories in biblical theology conform to those of traditional systematics. Hence, more transparent and objective appraisals of scripture and its message cry out for recognition. Such tools lie today within our grasp, particularly with the advent of powerful and inexpensive computer programs which help us sort out correlations and quickly assess large amounts of text. One can only pray that these advances represent at least partial fulfillment of Dan 12:4 when "knowledge" [of God and of His word] will increase.

    If so, we should anticipate a fresh understanding of the depth and power of God's holy, ultimately authoritative and inerrant words of scripture, that we, unlike the conservative scholars of Jesus' time, may know both the scriptures and the power of God.

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